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Arunachal Pradesh Tours

Arunachal Pradesh, one of the India’s eighth North Eastern states shares its border with Bhutan, Tibet and Myanmar. Much of the landscape of the state covered by mountains, Himalayas in the North West and Patkai hills in the east. The state is also home to countless valleys and rivers. The climate of Arunachal Pradesh changes from alpine to temperate to subtropical varying with elevation. The state receives enormous rainfall during monsoons making it the perfect home for dense forest and enormous diversity of plants and animals. Arunachal Pradesh is appropriately known as the unexplored paradise.

Ziro, a town of rice and bamboo growers, Tourists is mostly allured to speculate the unique lifestyle of the local tribes and the bamboo village. Here you will discover ancient customs and traditions that are still carried out an untouched by time. Taiwan houses India’s biggest Buddhist monastery Tawang monastery, which was built in 1681. Much of the state is unexplored due to its rich tribal diversity. The state is still rooted in its traditional cultural ways. The people of the state till date continue to celebrate their heritage. Explore the lifestyle of the tribes in the state with Arunachal Pradesh packages.

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