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A Trip to Rishikesh

Last Weekend I traveled from Delhi to Rishikesh- arranged by Shikhar.P1120032

For an no-Indian person a Trip by Train is a big experience even it is the high sleeper with air condition- class.

When we arrived Haridwa on Saturday morning, we took a Riksha to Rishikesh (24km). Here in this area most of the Auto-Rikshas are bigger than those in Delhi, so that it was possible to take one Riksha for four People with Luggage.

On the way to Riskikesh we saw the beautiful green Countryside with all its hills and watersides.

After reaching our Hotels we went out to discover Rishikesh.

This city is very popular for Yoga so that it is also well known as the “YDSCF7630oga- Capital”.

We discovered the crowded city of Rishikesh and enjoyed a walk along the Ganga before we crossed it by the Ram Jhula Bridge.In the evening we had our dinner at Chotiwala (A restaurant which is mentioned in the guidebook “lonely Planet”) Delicious!

In Rishikesh there are also many temples. Beside others we visited the oldest one  called Bharat Mandir near the Trivendi Ghat before we watched the Evening-Prayer at this place.


Many people washed themselves in Ganga befor butting lights into Ganga. This

retuals created a really indescribable atmosphere which no Picture can catch.

On Sunday morning we made a exciting Raftingtour through the beautiful nature in this area, which included a Swim in Ganga and a Clip jump. It was really amazing!!

For more pics click hear!P1120183

If you are also interested to make such a exciting tour please have a look at the “Rafting down the river” Tour and have fun!!

“Teachers Day”- celebration at Shikhar

Modern Academy School celebrats Teachers Days

Last Saturday (5th of September) was the “Teachers Day” in India. On this occasion, the teachers of an Indian school made a trip to “A Village Retreat “in Wazirpur, Gurgaon near Delhi.
Upon arrival at the resort, the teachers were received by the Shikhar team with a hearty breakfast. During the breakfast in a large open pavilion equipped with fans, board games and other entertainment opportunities were already offered and perceived.
After breakfast it went to the Adventure Park. To climb, crawl and swing…. There was also the opportunity to improve one’s pottery skills and make a camel ride through the painting area. After the lunch a Tembola was played and beneath others, tug of war was played.

All in all AVR is a nice place to relax from the stress of everyday work and to enjoy a nice togetherness. It’s not just for Company- trips but also for Families or individuals.