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Shikhar Eco Foundation: Nourishing Responsible and Sustainable Travel

India is a land of many beautiful natural locations, refreshing hill stations, golden palm fringed beaches, beautiful valleys, snow-capped mountains and many more. Ever given a thought if this natural splendor will remain intact for our future generations? Ever considered how your travel experience can benefit the environment and the local people?

Saving the environment around you and preserving the natural luxuries and forest life, so that future generations may experience aspects of the environment relatively untouched by human intervention, that’s what eco-tourism endeavors are all about.

Today, Eco-tourism is more than a catch phrase. It refers to responsible travel to pristine and usually protected areas. It aims to educate the traveler, provide funds for conservation, directly benefit the economic development of local communities and foster respect for different cultures.

At Shikhar Group of companies, we firmly believe in our responsibility to provide benefits to the community where we work. As a part of Shikhar’s Corporate Social Responsibility, we have launched Shikhar Eco Foundation. The first initiative of Shikhar Eco Foundation was to adopt Agoda village, in district Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, on the Dodital trek trail.

Shikhar Eco Foundation, in partnership with Ministry of Forest, Uttarakhand Government and in collaboration with Dodital Eco Vikas Samiti also organized a two day “Training program for Lodge Owners and Trekking Guides” on 13-14 August 2010 At Shikhar Nature Resort ,Uttarkashi. Our other future intiatives are creating of a website for the Lodge owners and trekking guides of the area and cleaning the Dodital trail.

Shikhar Group of companies is determined to pursue it’s vision for Shikhar Eco Foundation.Our vision reflects the collective goal of the company.

Shikhar Eco Foundation Vision

Eco Lodges and Resorts: We pledge to conserve the ecology, animal and bird life of the area our properties are located in.

Plantation of Saplings: We will encourage plantation of saplings and greening of the local environment.

Conservation of flora in its natural environment: We will not take away cuttings, seeds and roots that are illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.

Respect Local Cultures: We will promote the appreciation and preservation of religious places and local villages by never allowing clients to buy religious objects or heirlooms from remote villages.

Employment of Local Communities: Wherever possible, we will use local employment for our business to enhance the economy of our area.

Alternate use of Fuels: We will limit the burning of firewood and use alternate sources of fuel for both cooking and heating.

Alternate Source of Energy for Fuel: Where possible, we will convert to solar power such as solar heating and lighting etc. to reduce the use of thermal electricity.

Use of Local Ethnic Material in construction of Properties: In keeping with the local landscaping, we will incorporate architectural styles typical to the area, thus blending harmoniously with the local environment.

Polythene Bags: We will convert wherever possible from the use of polythene bags to paper bags, cloth bags and other alternatives.

Garbage Disposal: We will introduce the system of separating recyclable and non-recyclable garbage emanating from our operations and dispose non-biodegradable garbage in a responsible way, so as not to harm the local environment.

Your Travel Choice can too make a difference –

By choosing responsible travel, you can have the fabulous vacation that you’ve dreamed of, while ensuring that the money you spend at your destination is benefiting the environment and the local people. Travelers can have a tremendous impact on our natural heritages, you just have to do a little homework and make informed choices.

So, join hands with Shikhar Travels in our novel enterprise because your travel decisions can transform lives and can inspire positive changes.

Yoga Tour for a blissful life

The world is waking to the wonders of Yoga, what about you? Discover Yoga for your busy life.Shikhar Travel’s Yoga tour will be the last thing you will want to miss, in case you are planning India tour shortly. Lets first understand what Yoga is and what difference this ancient Indian science can make in your life?

The word Yoga comes from an ancient Hindu philosophy which means union and in this context refers to the union of finite man with the infinite god. Yoga is a physical discipline in which cycles of physical postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (prananyams) are completed to attain perfect health, serene mind and liberated soul.

There are myriads of physical benefits of Yoga. It keeps your body strong and improves endurance. Moreover, Yoga is the only science which uses body, mind and soul, all in one practice giving a practitioner perfection of health, serenity of mind and a joyous soul. It is also believed that regular practice prevents the decay of tissues, by increasing the life force, and fills the system with abundant energy.

A well designed and well structured Yoga program will unwind this eastern secret science designed for a blissful life. With our Yoga packages you can learn different kind of Yoga Asana or postures from renowned Yoga practitioners in Delhi’s popular Yoga center. We offer most flexible and genuine Yoga packages fitting in your requirements. These self transforming Yoga lessons will be the most special endowment after an eventful Indian journey.

So, experience the spiritual ecstasy of India and discover Yoga for your busy life with Shikhar Yoga tour packages !