Shikhar Travels Museum Tour – Your Date with Indian History and Culture

Museums, libraries, architectural monuments, art galleries, concert halls, bookstores, and film studios – can you guess what these entities have in common? The answer is all these spaces fuel creativity, ignite minds and provide inspiration. In case, you enjoy strolling around such spaces, Shikhar Travels will take you on a date with fascinating history, rich art and culture of India on Shikhar Travels Museum tour.

Delhi – the picturesque capital of India takes pride in being a reservoir of kaleidoscopic art and vibrant culture and history of India and is perhaps the most eclectic fusion of the conservative and the modern. The city also offers renowned, infinitely diverse museums such as National Museum, Rail Museum and Doll Museum.

If you have a keen mind, and passion to explore the esoteric, you would certainly cherish the splendid display of artifacts, painting and sculpture, drawings, prints, photography, architecture and design that reflect the artistic issues of different eras in Delhi Museums. Art and history will come to life in these museums as you will encounter fresh as well age-old talents together and will broaden your understanding of the evolving trends and, traditions of arts, modern as well as contemporary.

On one hand where the largest museum of Delhi, National Museum is the treasure house of India’s glorious past with over 2,00,000 possessions of works of exquisite art, (both of Indian and Foreign origin), Rail Museum is spread across 10 acres of land, and celebrates itself as a rich source of information on 150-years old history of railways in India. Doll Museum is another most visited tourist attraction where you can sight about 6000 dolls collected from over 85 countries; each doll dressed in costume that represent the country and region it comes from.

Delhi’s museums reveal the story of modern India. You would relish the experience of coming across several living portraits during your virtual journey to India’s glorious past on our Museum tour. So, don’t be hesitant anymore and join intellectually stimulating conversations between the traditional and avant garde; the established and the developmental and explore life, history and culture in the city with vibrant soul – Delhi with Shikhar Travels.

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