Our Festive Tour…

Our Sonepur festival Tour(9th Nov to 11th Nov), was a great fun for the Japanese group. This year, the tour, was escorted by our experienced executive, Kailash Bisht, whose travelling experience and knowledge led the tour to be a great success.

     The Sonepur Mela is the largest cattle fair in Asia. It is held every year on the day of ‘Karthik Poornima’, a full moon day which generally falls in the month of November, in Sonepur, near Patna, the capital city of Bihar. The Mela takes place on the confluence of river Ganga and Gandak .

      The group members, led by Kailash, reached Sonepur on the 9th of Nov. The next day (10th Nov.) went on the banks of river Gandak, witnessed thousands of pilgrims taking the holy bath, offering prayers, elephants given bath on the occasion. The Hari Hara Temple, was the main attraction for the thousand of devotees. At the fair, camels, buffaloes, sheep, dogs, pigs, monkeys, chimpanzees were the other common animals being kept for the sale. These were bought  by  the locals from various villages of Bihar.

      Early Morning of the last day (11th Nov.), the group again visited the Fair and purchased souvenirs from the fair. The overall attraction of the Tour was Photography, which was enjoyed by all as the everlasting memories…

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