North-East, India…

The north-eastern region of India is the most varied, One of the most ethically and linguistically diverse regions in Asia, each state has its distinct culture and tradition.                 

        The lushness of its landscape, the range of communities and geographical and ecological diversities makes the North East quite different from other parts of the subcontinent. In  winters, mist carpets the  valleys but swirls around the traveller in hills  during summer rains, thus creating an enchanting and romantic atmosphere. The region has borders with Myanmar, Bhutan  and Bangladesh. 

     The festivals and celebrations in the North- eastern states of India are a colourful reflection of the people and their lives. Throughout the year, different people celebrate festivals with lot of fanfare in different ways, most of them centering around their modes of living and livelihood.      

                                                  North East India comprises of seven states commonly known as the “Seven Sisters”. They are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura.      

        Each state is a traveller’s paradise, with picturesque hills and green meadows which shelters    thousand of species of flora and fauna. In addition, the states provide scope for angling, boating,rafting, trekking and hiking. Besides, there are a number of wild life sanctuaries and national parks where rare animals, birds and plants which will surely provide fascinating insight to the visitors.

                                     Be a part of this land of pristine beauty with a perfect blend of culture and tradition.

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