Delhi Tricycle Tour

Shikhar Travels provides you with a unique opportunity to experience Old Delhi. On our Rickshaw tour of Old Delhi your senses will come alive as you will encounter the captivating sights and sounds, this amazing city has to offer. This Rickshaw tour will make you familiar with real roots of the place and give you a true taste of the city and make you sink in the frenzy of it’s colors, vivacity and irresistible charm.

During your rickshaw ride you will get to ride around –                                                      

Chandni Chowk – Chandni Chowk or “Silver Square” is the most famous and historic street of Delhi, built around 300 years ago when the walled city of Shahjahanabad was established in the 17th century. The energy of vibrant streets of Chandni Chowk is simply irresistible. This part of Delhi includes street food, vibrant bazaars where you can shop for some ancient artifacts and jewellery.

Jama Masjid – Jama Masjid is the last work of Emperor Shah Jahan. Its construction began in 1650 and was completed within six years. You can relive the Mughal or Mogul history of Delhi passing through the splendid corridors of this ancient mosque. The Jama Masjid stands across the road in front of the Red Fort.

Red Fort – Red fort or Lal Qila is the most magnificent ancient building of Delhi which was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1638. Designed by the Mughal architects Ustad Hamid and Ahmad, Red Fort is an important symbolic monument in India even today. Some of the captivating building it encloses are Diwani-am, Diwani-Khas, Rang Mahal, The Pearl Mosque etc.

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