The Difference Between an ATOAI Certified Company and an Average Adventure Travel Company

There are some essential differences between an ATOAI Certified Company and an average Adventure Travel Company. We tell you what they are. Put your safety first and always travel with a certified ATOAI Operator only.

There are almost endless possibilities for adventure travellers to enjoy their holidays, and seemingly an infinite amount of adventure travel operators. So how do you choose which one to book with? Membership of government recognised travel bodies, which require adherence to audited standards, is a great place to start. ATOAI monitors members annually, ensuring that standards are maintained.

Trips and activities offered by ATOAI members may appear, on the face of it, to be more expensive than trips from other operators, but you need to ask yourself these 5 important questions.


What safety standards does this operator have?

What experience do they have?

What sort of guide, accommodation and food will I get?

What if something goes wrong?

Will you get what you paid for?


Is it really worth risking your health, safety and the enjoyment of your long anticipated trip, for the sake of what may be only a few hundred rupees a day?

If you are considering a trip which is offered by an operator who is not part of ATOAI, perhaps you should ask yourself why they aren’t a member. And then book with an ATOAI member – you’ll find it’s money well spent.


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