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Goechala Trek – Sikkim Himalaya 2015

This November Shikhar Travels (I) Pvt. Ltd. Operated a successful tour of Goechala Trek in Sikkim Himalaya, India with a Japanese team of 12 members. Before starting the trek of 9 days team visited Darjeeling and enjoy ride of Toy Train (Darjeeling Himalayan Railways) i.e. a UNESCO world heritage site, they also visited Himalayan Mountaineering Institute as well as Tea Garden.

Tea Garden in Darjeeling
We started our trek from Yuksum covering Tshoka, Phedang, Dzongri, Thansing, Lamuney and Goechala till view point two. We couldnt summit Goechala point three as the government has banned to go beyond view point two due to death of a tourist a month ago. Entire team did a very good job and enjoyed the serenity of Himalayas.

On the way to Phedang


They witnessed their presence and captured the photographs of various peaks like Mt. Japuno, Mt. Thensing Khan, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kanchenjunga , Mt. Kumbhkarn/ Sleeping Buddha, Mt. Kabru Dome South, Mt. Kabru Dome and Mt. Kabru Dome North etc. They were amazed by the beauty of Samiti lake and its surrounding as the heard of blue sheep was grazing there too.

On the way to Goechala trek
Team did very well all the time and made the trek successful. In return we followed another route from Kokchurang to Phedang deep in the jungle and came straight to Tshoka. In nutshell everything went very well as the team came safely and happily.

Goechala Trek, Sikkim Himalayas

There was not even a single injury to any member. We took the photographs and memory with us and kept the Himalayas clean . Alpine Tour Services has confirmed two Green Lake trek and one Goechala trek for 2016 with us that is our feed back of the tour.

Team Goechala Trek, Sikkim

Uttarakhand – Enjoys the Comfort of the Himalayan Mountains


Almora Uttarakhand

Enjoys the comfort of the Himalayan Mountains which lend it as much colour, excitement and thrill that it gives to every other state. Adventure in the state of Himachal is almost as spirited as the mountains itself, with plenty of variety and several forms in which adventure can be enjoyed. The scenic beauty of Uttarakhand makes every element stand out better. The beauty of the state comes from the wonderful locales and the unpretentious beauty that surrounds it. There is so much that can be spoken of the state, and yet there is a quiet dignity it chooses to maintain. Adventure is a great experience in Uttaranchal.

India Rice paddies Uttaranchal
I differing kinds and forms, there are ranges of adventure activity that can be experienced and explored here. The support lent by nature and the state come together perfectly to allow you an experience that will always be cherished. The various forms of adventure take root in the landscape, which is mostly surrounded by hills. This is why trekking, skiing, white water rafting and paragliding are best experienced here. Apart from these, there is also camping and wildlife that must be experienced. The unique beauty of Uttaranchal is that, by way of its terrain and landscape, everything you do, from a tour of the wild to even a pilgrimage tour, all assumes the form of adventure here.

Auli Skiing
Trekking is among the most popular forms of adventure here. Whether to the Milam Glacier, the Pindari Glacier, or even to the Vasuki Tal, there are several sites where the thrill can be experienced fully. The best stretch to experience white water rafting is from Shivpuri to Rishikesh. This is the most gratifying location for rafting is perhaps all of India. Auli makes a scenic location for skiing, and a great place to allow the snow to befriend you. Pitoragarh is among the most preferred destinations for the avid paragliders. The dizzying heights with the sheets of white below, the conifers that dot the lands as you cruise over them and the chilly winds that blow through you make the attempt worth the effort.

Trekking in Uttarkashi
Ensure that you are in Uttarakhand any time of the year except for the bitter winters. The summers have their own charm, while spring is when you will enjoy the cold and not be hampered by it. The climate is largely favourable through the year except for the rains which could slow you down. There are no strict regulations and government restrictions, other than places which are restricted or sites which are closed to the public. To be able to access these, it is important that you seek prior permission.



How to Plan an Adventurous Cycle Trip in India

For the adventurous souls who like going an extra mile (literally here!) for an adrenaline rush, biking is just another drug. Riding a mountain bike on the rugged terrains of the Himalayas or through the beaches of Daman, is a feat one must try to achieve at least once in life. Even couples opt for cycling tours in India often as it strengthens their bond and gives a new, interesting dimension to their relationship. Often you would hear people complaining that Indian roads aren’t fit for cycling. That’s not true. Take the example of Soumik Das, a corporate lawyer, who has recently taken a cycle trip from Kolkata to Hyderabad. It took 12 days for him to cover a stretch of 1400 kilometers.

Goa bicycle tours

Here we discuss how to plan a cycle trip in India.


Plan well in advance
You will be going on a trip that will leave you exhausted and tired. Boost your body and mind before setting up the dates. Plan well in advance. Schedule the map and keep a target distance. Like Das did. He covered 150 kilometers every day as his set goal. He also covered a maximum 190 kilometers on a certain day and his average ranged from 120 kilometers to 150 kilometers. Plan the inns where you are likely to stay for the night and the eateries where you would refuel yourself during the day. Food needs to be hygienic and healthy as keeping yourself fit through journey is most important. Seek guidance from travel bloggers or veterans who have traveled the same route before.

Bike tour kerala


Choosing the bike
When it comes to selecting a cycle, you should consult someone who has traveled the path you want to go for. A full suspension bike is always better. Seating needs to be comfortable. You can customize the rest of the designs and features. Also, make sure you have a cycle repairing kit in your backpack. Make sure you have an identity card with blood group and emergency number written.

Cycling tours in Rajasthan

Keep the plan flexible
There might be days when you won’t be able to cover the desired distance. That doesn’t mean you start losing all hopes. You have shown enough courage to venture out on a cycle, so stay strong. In case of emergency, an alternative route comes handy.

Cycling the Indian Himalaya

Ask the locals
When you are cycling through villages and towns, consult a local in case of emergency. To be frank, India isn’t that technologically sound that Google could answer all your queries when on a cycle trip. So ask locals about chemists, doctors, cycle repair shops, whenever a need arises.

cycling tours in himalayas


A week before beginning the trip, your bootcamp should start. Start having more protein and tan yourself to bear the sun as much as possible. November and March are the two best months to go on a cycle tour, thanks to the weather and visibility. You need to increase your workout, simply because you would be tearing your muscle tissues quite a lot.

cycling tours in himalayas

Never ride at night
There are highways and roads, which have poor lights and trucks drive recklessly at night. So an hour before the sunset, you should stop by some inns. Safety is vital. So do your homework well and choose the ones majority of people stay at. Use this time to refresh yourself and recharge your phone.


Keep it social
Social media always comes to use on travel escapades. Team up with like minded people and ask them to join you if interested. The more, the merrier. Also, once you take a quick break on a cycling tour, you can click selfies and keep your friends and family back home updated with your exact location.


Now that the cycling season is on, plan your trip and begin the adventure.

Source: Lifehacker

Karnataka: A Wonderful, Quiet State in South India


Mysore palace Karnataka

Karnataka is very beautiful, and its surroundings lend themselves beautifully to all forms of adventure. The seas allow for plenty of water activity, the hills are verdant and support many kinds of adventure in Karnataka, and the land itself is brimming with life, making it the ideal place for activity. There are several beach and lake resorts all over the length of the state, which make it possible for you to enjoy a number of water sports which include kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing and even scuba diving. And this is only when you scratch on the surface. Get closer still, and you will find other kinds of sport like corralling and windsurfing as well.

Badami Chalukyas in Karnataka
The best places to enjoy varied forms of water sport include Karwar beach, Gokarna, Marawanthe and Devbagh. The Western Ghats which make their way through this state make it possible for you to enjoy plenty of different sites for trekking and rock climbing. This is not just a sport, but also a form of recreation which exposes the raw, uninhibited beauty of Karnataka and showcases the finest details here.

kudremukh national park

A must conquer peak for you is the Kuduremukha peak, known not just for its imposing height, but also for its unique shape. The Kodachari, Agumbe and Kumara Parvata are other hills which you must try your hand at. These not only make for great climbs, but also allow you fantastic sights of the Arabain Sea, and great snapshots of the sunset as well. Fly straight into the sky with the rush of aero sport in Karnataka.

om beach Gokarna

Bangalore and Hoskote are wonderful places for you to try parasailing and paragliding. These are wonderfully executed here, with the genial climate and beautiful surroundings playing perfect host. There is lots to enjoy in Karnataka. While the climate is mostly charitable, the winters are the ideal months to visit. You would want to refrain from coming during the monsoon which lasts between June and September, since most activities are impossible. The summer months are good for being amid the hills here. It is important to carry all medical equipment, and ensure that you are in good health when you begin activity of any kind in Karnataka.

Kuduremukha peak
Heart patients and those with blood pressure problems are best left to try some simpler forms of activity here. Always have a good instructor to guide you through all challenging activity, and do not undertake anything which you have not practiced before. There are certain areas like the Kuduremukha peak and National Park which are off limits as far as staying there or camping is concerned. It is important to follow government regulations and keep to the timings and rules laid down. Check for details such as these before making your plans for the day.

GTDC Plans Bicycle Tours, Heli Tourism

After introducing white-water rafting, hot air ballooning, trekking expeditions and with the launch of sea plane service on the way, Goa tourism development corporation (GTDC) plans to start bicycle tours, game fishing and heli tourism inorder to ‘erase the image of Goa as a beach destination’.

bicycle tours Goa
The GTDC has floated a request for proposal (RFP) for the introduction of new tourism services. The tender notice issued by GTDC, on Tuesday, states that it wants to have new tourism services launched to provide new tourist attractions.

Goa bicycle tours

GTDC chairman Nilesh Cabral said bicycle enthusiasts in Goa will be roped in and routes will be identified to showcase the hinterland of Goa. He also said a fresh attempt is being make to start heli tourism.



Gear Up to See the Taj Mahal from the Sky

Do take a look at the skyline of Agra from a hot air balloon at the Taj Balloon Festival (November 14-16, 2015).

You just can’t afford to miss this! Ever seen the Taj Mahal from 3,000 feet above and from a distance of just 500 metres? Well, this could be your lifetime chance as the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department is hosting a hot air balloon festival in the vicinity of the monument November 14-16.

Taj Mahal in Agra
No matter how many times you have seen this gorgeous symbol of love, you are never tired of looking at the Taj Mahal in Agra one more time. Now you have the opportunity to see it from a top angle, by taking a ride in a hot air balloon.
More than 15 hot air balloons from Australia, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the UAE and the US, as also India, will fly tourists and adventure lovers, for a fee, at the festival that has been envisaged to promote tourism in and around the Taj Mahal.


Red Fort in Agra


The excursions will include visit to monuments as well as the renowned Kalakriti Cultural and Convention Centre, along with royal dining experiences in the regal city of Agra. All clearances from the ministry of defence and the Indian Air Force (IAF) – since the area around the Taj is a no-fly zone – have been taken and permissions for the event has also been granted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the Agra district administration and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Good to know


The gondollas of the baloons can accommodate the pilot and up to four passengers, each of whom would have to pay in the region of Rs.20,000 ($310) for the flight.


The company has a foolproof safety record of flying hot-air balloons and all measures are complete. So you really don’t need to worry about the safety measures people!


Registrations would begin from November 1. The festival has been divided in three parts – Taj Sky view, Agraban and Nightglow.


The views you are going to get


In the first, the balloon rides will reveal the Taj in its hidden subtleties only when viewed from the unique vantage point offered by a hot air balloon reflecting in the surrounding waters, reaching unto the skies.


In the second, the ride will be along the Red Fort and other important landmarks of the Mughal era. The third will be held in the evenings – a lively night glow concert that will showcase the spectacular sight of the balloons lighting up the dark night sky along with musical accompaniment.

Taj Balloon Festival


The evenings will also be capped off with performances and entertainment from local and nationally recognized music and dance performers.