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Beyond the Classroom: Travel, Learning & Fun!

Education today has evolved to great lengths where the learning experience has gone beyond the classroom & taken a world view. Such is the nature of travel that it caters to the very learning experience that goes beyond the classroom helping them to learn more about themselves, others and the world they live in. With the changing times, ways of learning & educating children has also changed & school group tours & educational trips have become an integral part of the curriculum.

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The Chronicles of a Family Getway!

What can be better than discovering the adventures of the world with your family, an experience unlike any other? With the mad rush of life – the work & responsibilities, one barely gets to have the carefree fun that travel offers, and so it is time that you choose to have “the trip to remember” with your loved ones…

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Agriculture Tour in India: A Gateway to the Countryside

Agro-tourism has become a fast-catching trend these days, from mountains to the deserts, plateaus to the plains, for a country like India, with diverse terrains throughout the land, spanning the ruralscape is yet another travel mania. What with the busy urban culture we tend to be a part of, Agri-tours offer an escape to the tranquil countryside, away from all the chaos & commotion to greener, healthier spaces connecting to one’s soil & roots. With the developing industry, there is a range of tours to choose from – be it Farm & Village tours, Farm holidays & living, Rural exploration, Eco-tourism or specialized theme based ones like Animal breeding, Wildlife exploration, Agro-Institute tours, Wine plantation tours, Dairy Farming among countless others.

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