Agriculture Tour in India: A Gateway to the Countryside

Agro-tourism has become a fast-catching trend these days, from mountains to the deserts, plateaus to the plains, for a country like India, with diverse terrains throughout the land, spanning the ruralscape is yet another travel mania. What with the busy urban culture we tend to be a part of, Agri-tours offer an escape to the tranquil countryside, away from all the chaos & commotion to greener, healthier spaces connecting to one’s soil & roots. With the developing industry, there is a range of tours to choose from – be it Farm & Village tours, Farm holidays & living, Rural exploration, Eco-tourism or specialized theme based ones like Animal breeding, Wildlife exploration, Agro-Institute tours, Wine plantation tours, Dairy Farming among countless others.

agriculture tour india

Its time one took to holidaying & exploring the farms & villages, indulging in the rural lifestyle, interacting with the locals & learning about their culture & traditions, the local arts, crafts & styles of dressing, traditional fairs, festivals, dances & folk culture, the local food & cuisine, taking up farm activities & everyday events in the village & enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Breathe in the fresh air of the countryside, the flavor of the soil & venture into agricultural farms to take in the farming experience – be it terrace farming, to agriculture in the deserts, the plains or the coasts, discovering them all.

exploring the farms & villages

Eco-tourism is an innovative approach to agriculture tourism, moving away from conventional travel to the eco-friendly way of exploring the realms of nature. With increasing awareness on ecological conservation, this form of tourism brings out a natural & healthier way to travel – spreading awareness & sensitivity, conservation efforts, revival & growth of agriculture with support for the natives, preservation & conservation of the flora & fauna among other initiatives. Living in the forested locales, secluded Himalayan foothills, experiencing the tribal way of living, or visiting the natural reserves & wildlife sanctuaries ranging from the Himalayan region to the North East, the Southern coasts to the plains of the North, there is a multitude of options to choose from.

wine tour in India

With an age-old history of wine making, the country has a number of wine plantations spanning the lush green estates like the well-known Sula, Grover & Fratelli vineyards among others. Wine tourism is yet another travel trend – from experiencing wine production to wine tasting of world class labels, one can indulge in the exploration of the wine routes, the picturesque landscapes & breathtaking sceneries abundant with hilltops & valleys set amidst the tranquil realms of nature. Apart from the winery, one can also be a part of wine festivals & carnivals like the Sulafest, go bird-watching in the beautiful vistas, indulge in watersports & all the more that the luxury tours offer.

valley of flowers

Floriculture tourism is yet another fast growing industry; primarily being an economic activity now collaborated with Flower shows & green initiatives including sight-seeing tours to the floriculture farms, research institutes & getting to know more about the flower industry & its mechanisms.

Dairy farming tour

Dairy Farming comes across as a new form of tourism, rising with the keen interests of the people to get to know the process & manufacture of dairy products & cattle rearing – an integral part of Agriculture tourism, for researchers & enthusiasts alike, presenting itself as a golden opportunity for travellers and a place to explore & learn, partaking in the environs. The tours include visits to the dairy farms, exploring the process & manufacture of various products, cattle rearing farms, visits to research institutes among others.

tea tour in India

It is in the wondrous realms of lush green estates & tea plantations spanning across acres of land that Tea tours in India are a much sought after activity, invoking the feel of the colonial times exploring through the gardens & learning all about the best Tea labels in the world & how they’re made. Not just that, one can experience & partake in the local culture, natural environs & find their solace amidst the pleasant vistas filled with entertaining & engaging activities to choose from in the ultimate retreat.

rural village tour

Agriculture Tourism is yet another unique travel trend, especially diverse & popular in a country like India where agriculture is one of the most important sectors, growing rapidly with innumerable options to choose from, packed with learning & adventure, adding to the thrill of travel & boosting local businesses & agro-based industries as well. Not only do they present an opportunity to escape city-life but also encourage sustainable development & the revival & growth of many an agricultural industries, creating a greater understanding of the ruralscape & its people coming across as a refreshing new way of travel exploration.

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  2. Hello, Thanks for sharing such a fantastic blog.I really appreciate your blog to share information about agriculture tour in India a gateway to the cuntryside…Visiting in India is amazing experience.

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