The Chronicles of a Family Getway!

What can be better than discovering the adventures of the world with your family, an experience unlike any other? With the mad rush of life – the work & responsibilities, one barely gets to have the carefree fun that travel offers, and so it is time that you choose to have “the trip to remember” with your loved ones…

Camping in Goa

While travel knows no age, family adventures & getaways are the perfect occasion to bond with your folks & explore the land like never before!

For all you adventure lovers out there! Dreaming of a vacation full of adventure & thrill for your family? In a country like India, with a wholly range of terrains & regions from the stretch of the west to the east & the north to the tip of the south, one gets the luxury of choosing from a countless number of adventure travels options, a fun yet learning experience like never before.

Skiing Kashmir

Adventure travel gives you an opportunity to bond & integrate with your family in exceptional ways, while you indulge in a range of adventure sports & leisure works – from paragliding & parasailing, mountaineering, camping & trekking, river rafting, skiing, cycling tours, underwater walks & scuba diving, hot air ballooning, dune bashing to what not, you can plan your trip as suited to your needs & preferences, to partake in the ride of a lifetime!

Like the famed World Tour trips, the Country Tours span across the vast expanse of the country, the perfect opportunity to explore & discover the diverse realms of the motherland. These tours seem to be like the ideal package for travel & learning, to indulge in the first-hand experience of getting to know your land, the diverse cultures & national heritage, food & cuisines, the arts & crafts, lifestyles of the people of different regions & so much more – things & places we tend to read in books & see in pictures & movies to a realistic travel exploration!

Taj Mahal in Agra

Pick up a city, state, region or the entire country – whichever better suited to you time, budget & needs, & indulge in the perfect family getaway!

A family travel to explore the realms of nature is an ideal holiday, basking in the natural vistas & panoramic views, taking up activities like Nature walks, camping, bird-watching, Land Safaris, visiting wildlife sanctuaries, natural reserves, indulging in adventure sports or opting for theme specific tours like Yoga & Wellness getaways, agriculture tours & farm stays, Tea tours among others.

kudremukh national park

Nature’s Retreat is one of the best options for a family vacation in India – to get away from the chaos of urban life & seek solace in the calm & peace of the natural world, discovering the diverse flora & fauna of the landscape…

In the land known for its rich cultural heritage, what could be better than a heritage tour to discover the past, the mighty remnants of many a civilisations that thrived in the country, with reflections of their preserved cultural traditions, monumental structures, food, the arts & the crafts alive in the locales of different regions even today, having passed down from one generation to another, one century to another…

Cenotaphs in Orchha

Explore the realms of the historic cities, majestic monuments, temples & palaces, the local food, the stories of the past & so much more with your family, & get to know the rich history of the motherland!

Themed tours are the perfect choice if you want to give a unique touch to every family holiday, for one can experiment & explore new styles of travel & take their pick – be it wellness tours, experiencing the festivals & carnivals of the country, getting on an adventure trip, taking up cultural tours, embarking on food trails, religious or pilgrim tours, natural retreats – like beach holidays or farm stays, wildlife tours, exotic & luxury getaways & countless other options to choose from!
So pick up a theme & experience new wonders from every family vacation you take!

Ayurveda - harmony of body

Customised tours are an ideal option if you wish to design & plan the vacation on your own, or even take a self-guided tour for that matter, as suited to your needs, budget & most importantly the preferred destinations, activities & style of travel in mind. You can take in the travel wish-list of every member of your family, put in your unique twist & plan a getaway surprise for the he whole clan!

Many a travel companies offer boutique travel options, one of them being Shikhar travels, to create the perfect holiday experience for you!

Camping in Orcha

It is said that the family who travels together, stays together, & thus Family vacations are the best time to reconnect & bond with your loved ones, without the usual distractions of life, while each member can join in on a learning experience with every activity you take up together.
Wish you a memorable & incredible family getaway! Happy travelling! Contact us:

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