God’s Abode in the Midst of Natural Bounty: Hemkund Sahib Tour

Nestled in the midst of striking natural landscapes in the midst of the majestic Himalayas, bounded by the abundance of vivid Himalayan flora lies the sacred Hemkund Sahib, now considered the fifth dham of the revered Hindu shrines– a unique star-shaped structure adding a feather to the cap of the natural beauty throughout. Further, one can follow the trail of the Valley of flowers & relish in the sprawling greens shaded with the hues of the vivid flowers & breath-taking views of the Himalayan & Zanskar ranges. It is indeed the perfect combination – indulging in the spiritual essence of the sacred shrine of the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara & witnessing the splendour of the Valley of flowers.

hemkund sahib tour

The Hemkund Sahib tour along with the Valley of Flowers trek is the perfect opportunity to explore the sacrosanct environs of the valley, the region situated above the altitude of about 11,000 feet, the mid-region connecting the Himalayan & the Zanskar Range known to have been the refuge for hermits & sages who meditate & indulge in yoga, as it has been through the ages. There are also myths like the one saying that it was from this very place that Lord Hanuman had gathered the Sanjeevani booti for Laxmana to be cured.

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Also one can indulge in a trek to the most exquisite Valley of flowers, just 6 kms away from the Hemkund Sahib, the ultimate trip whether you’d like an adventure tour, a pilgrimage tour, a leisure tour or a romantic trip, and it is while travelling to these exotic destinations that one trails across the local villages, scenic parishes & nature trails of Uttarakhand along the way!
While you open up to new horizons on this adventure trail, the tour is ideal for people of any & all ages, be it nature lovers or avid botanists, adventure souls, trekkers & mountaineers, or the ones stepping on a pilgrimage, which has everyone in love with the beauty & serenity of the Himalayas that seems to cast a spell on every traveller that trails across the region.

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While you tour the region, one gets to visit Joshimath (the starting point of the tour) – midst the Garhwal hills located on the banks of the Alaknanda River, very famous for Sankracharya temple and is known for being the of mountaineering and trekking expeditions of the region. There are also visits to the shrines in Deoprayag, Rudraprayag and Karnprayag, furthering onto the sacred Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara from the local villages of Govind Ghaat & Ghangaria Govindghat to Ghangharia – which offers a beautiful trek route with stunning views throughout.

Valley of Flowers trek

The trek to the Valley of flowers begins through a thick forest along the Pushpavati river opening to the sprawling meadows that are home to a variety of exotic flowers including Blue Poppy, Potentilla, Geranium and so many more, accounting for the mesmerizing landscapes in the scenic valley.
The trek spans across the Himalayan valleys for you to partake in the rich flora & fauna, scenic views, charming lakes & riversides & set on an adventure trail while you can go camping, hiking & trekking and so much more!

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• Abide by the health & fitness guidelines as suggested by the travel experts.
• Keep check of your carry-ons & other trekking & travel gear for a safe & pleasurable trek.
• Keep your important documents handy.
• Avoid intake of alcohol etc. as it might affect your health on such high altitudes.
• Make sure you pack up for the right weather & climatic conditions.
• Do some research & development before you plan the trip & get ready for travel.
• Keep your medical kit handy.
• Keep in extra clothing or waterproof protective gear just in case of rainfall, for it is pretty much a monsoon trek.
• You need to make a detailed list of the Must haves for a trip – while you gather up all the carry-ons be it the trek accessories & gear, clothing items, a medical kit, extra cash, and important documents among others.
• Make sure you do not litter & keep the environment clean.
• Do not try any risky adventures, as the region is risky & sensitive. Stick to your travel group, take up expert help & advisory before you take up the trip & follow instructions & guidelines carefully.

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The trip is the ultimate travel for relish in unbelievable beauty & peace, while you take on a path of spiritual awakening in the midst of the raw beauty of nature. While the best time of the year to take the trip is between mid July-August, for the flowers are in full-bloom during this time. So pack your bags & indulge in the most calming ye exhilarating trip of your life!

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  1. I had read some where that it is risky to go deep in Valley of flowers and one should have a guide. Whether it is true and what are the reasons.
    Secondly within how much time one can visit just a part of valley of flowers.

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