NASA Space Centre Tour for Young Einsteins

NASA has been inspiring millions of young Einstein’s who want to learn about the space and Universe. Scientists studying about the black holes and the engineers designing the robotic instruments to probe hard-to-reach planets; there are many things worked upon at the Kennedy Space Centre. For young minds, having a field trip to NASA would allow them to come face-to-face with Space Shuttle Atlantis and explore the 363 foot-long Saturn V moon rocket at the Apollo/Saturn V Centre. The NASA space centre tour with Astronaut Training Experience would also allow them to have interaction with scientists, science exhibits and spaceflight operations.

NASA space centre tour with Astronaut Training Experience

There are many things which young Einstein brain can learn for their prospects and understand how galaxy works defining the real meaning of the life.

NASA Space Centre Tour:

In 1905, the great scientist Albert Einstein changed the entire perception of watching space-time. In the entire course of life, Einstein came up with different theories including the speed of light, gravity effect, the relationship between energy and mass leading to big-bang theory and much more. Over the years, his ideas are being used in various scientific developments in NASA centre. To learn about these theories and developments, exploring the Kennedy space centre is the best way.

NASA Space Centre Tour

The Guided field tour consists of the bus tour that takes you inside the space centres and experiences the real NASA mission with Cosmic Quest. You’ll be provided with the customised KSC Smart Guide. Let us briefly check various Space Centre tour:

Kennedy Space Centre Bus Tour:

The bus tour allows you to enter the restricted areas of America’s Spaceport where you can see the launch pads and iconic Vehicle Assembly Building along the way. As the bus drives through various areas, young kids can view the working spaceflight facilities that were launched to the moon and where NASA plans for launching astronauts into deep space. The bus tour will also help you to know about NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo partners such as SpaceX, Boeing and United Launch Alliance (ULA) operate on Florida’s Space Coast. The entire tour takes around 45 minutes and will conclude at Apollo/Saturn V Centre.

NASA tour for students

Explore the Home Atlantis:

One of the important areas of the space centre, Atlantis has got an amazing entrance having a mighty full-scale Shuttle stack of two solid rocket boosters and orange external tanks. Once entered, the area will be displayed as the astronauts have seen in the space rotating 43.21 degrees with payload doors open. The entire Space Shuttle Atlantis showcases orbiter spacecraft and the story of the entire 30-year Space Shuttle Program. Students will be driven in the Atlantis for 45 minutes.

Be a Pilot in Space Shuttle: The Space Shuttle tour also allows young tourists to be an astronaut, where they can learn flying the space shuttle. Being a pilot, you can learn to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) and the landing at Kennedy Space Centre. The Atlantis inside the Space Shuttle is equipped with the simulators that help the complex systems come back to life.

kennedy space center tour

Explore the Launch Control Centre Tour: Get into the real world of the control centre to learn about the past and future of KSC’s Launch Control and Launch Complex 39. Visiting this centre, you can learn about the final launches of Shuttle Program and future launches to explore the Space Launch System (SLS). The entire trip takes around 2 hours.

Cape Canaveral Early Space Tour: Learn how the NASA’s space program was born at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which is just adjacent to Space Centre. Here you’ll learn about the historic launch complexes, Air Force Space and Missile Museum and Apollo 1 memorial. You’ll get the access to air-conditioned motor coach allowing getting the view of Florida Space Coast icons. The entire 3 hours of the tour is worth earning knowledge about the early space tour.

Fly with An Astronaut:

Kennedy Space Center Visit

Flying with an astronaut is the most amazing part of the tour which young Einstein would love to experience. Divided into a small group, you can explore Kennedy Space Centre with the guide. Discover about the birthplace of America’s space program and tour some iconic sites of the space centre. Once done, you can have lunch at LC-39 Observation Gantry, where Apollo astronauts were launched to the moon. Get inside the Space Shuttle Atlantis and step into the Shuttle Launch Experience to get the real feeling of shuttle travelling 17,500 mph with veterans.

NASA Education Program:


NASA offers young scientist a chance to learn about the universe, advanced technologies and future of scientific research. NASA offers education programs and projects for career opportunities in the space shuttle. Students can select from Grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12 and higher education. Getting NASA programs for students are the best route to becoming the next Einstein and getting into the real world of science and technology.


NASA Space Centre Tour is the best experience young geeks will have as they will get to learn and get close to the world that they must have just heard or read.

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