4 Magical Places in Sikkim to Take Your Breath Away!

The land of the paradise as some would say, Sikkim breathes magic – what with the abundance of natural beauty & cultural diversity, an endless number of things to do & places to explore for any & every traveller to find their own essence in the life of the Himalayas, tucked away in this little states with innumerable treasures & sights to behold.

jewel of the North East

But here are a few of Sikkim’s most prized possessions – places to be marked as must visits on your travel itinerary to this beloved jewel of the North East.

• It is the first to have become a fully organic state in India

• With the most widely spoken official language being Nepali – the lingua franca, Sikkim has English as the official language with a number of nine other languages as recognised by the state.

• It is known for its cultural diversity – what with the innumerable monasteries, temples, mosques, churches & gurudwaras all in this one little state, along with many a tribal & ethnic communities living in great harmony rich with distinct crafts & culture.

• It is a hub of thriving bio-diversity with a plethora of flora & fauna in the region.

Sightseeing in Kalimpong

This city remains the capital of the “small yet beautiful” Sikkim, nestled in the eastern Himalayan ranges – the hub of Sikkim’s tourist activity and the most prominent of all places in Gangtok. The place is a visual wonder – with breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga surrounded by scenic landscapes and to much interest a cosmopolitan with the location & geographical terrain making it an ideal holiday hot-spot – with the perfect climate, the cleanest of surroundings, friendly people & innumerable things to do & places to explore!

changey waterfalls, Sikkim

The Mahatma Gandhi Road or MG Marg is the hub of activity in Gangtok – your shop stop for anything & everything that Sikkim has to offer. The Nathula Pass is yet another stop for adventure lovers about 50 kms away from Gangtok – mountainous terrains surrounded by magnificent peaks, with the Indo-China border & Tsomgo Lake in the vicinity, housing some of the highest points of amenities at great altitude levels. It is also one of the highest motorable roads in the world and densely populated by alpine flora & fauna, dotted with a few of ethnic & pilgrimage centerslike the Rumtek monastery along the trail.

khangchendzonga national park

The town of Yuksum& surrounding centres are worth a sight-seeing tour – what with the lush river gorges and breathtaking mountains capes, a paradise within a paradise, also known as the “gateway to the Kanchenjunga”. Not just it, the place also houses significant Buddhist centres symbolic as the “third eye of Sikkim”. Its major attractions include the Khecheopalri Lake, The Dubdi&Tashiding Monasteries, Kangchendzonga National Park, The royal complex of TashiTeenka, the Phamrong waterfall among others.
One can also take up treks along the Zongri Pass or Goche La Passes & indulge in some adventure travel.

Lying to the west of Sikkim, this town is a bewitching one – an ideal place to relish in the realms of nature coupled with thriving cultural activity, one that will leave you gasping for more. It has innumerable tourist attractions like Buddhist pilgrimage centres being the Sangachoeling, Pemayangtse & Tashiding Monasteries among others, and the natural havens of the Darup village, Kaluk, the Sewaro Rock Garden etc. & breathtaking sights like the Singshore Bridge, the Rimbi & Kanchenjunga waterfalls to name a few from the 26 or more places that are worth a visit in Pelling.

While one plans their trip to the strikingly beautiful Gurudingmar Lake, you can stop over at places like Lachen&Thangu trailing through the lush greens & beautiful landscapes surrounded by snow-capped peaks in the background. It is a refreshing take on natural beauty, also popular for many a treks to start from the place, where one can also go on to visit the Tso Lamhu lakes & the Lachen Gompa on the way…

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim

It is the ideal path to find your inner spirituality & peace while you trail on this journey, with some serene & tranquil surroundings & pure magic to leave you gasping for more!

Of the many many places to explore in Sikkim, here are the few that are bound to take your breath away, the ultimate experience for any & every traveller to indulge in – be it for spiritual, religious or cultural awakening, for the sense of thrill & adventure the land offers or simply for the sake of travel & exploration, of taking in the mesmerizing views, nature’s wonders, the abundance of flora & fauna or relishing in the wake of the delights of food & lifestyle of the region. Whichever your take, Sikkim is sure to leave a permanent mark on your soul!

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