Driving Across Ladakh – Jeep Safari Experience

Are you thrilled to have a jeep safari experience in Ladakh? Jeep Safari in Ladakh!!! Sounds a little uncommon, right?

Usually, people have a mindset that the great Himalayan region is only for climbing and trekking, but not many know that it also offers a thrilling Jeep Safari experience especially when it comes to exploring less popular destinations. So here is all about the Jeep Safari Experience across Ladakh-

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Ladakh Jeep Safari – An exquisite experience of life

Ladakh is at a great altitude plus its nearness to Tibet makes its very hard reach; certain inaccessible areas by some other mode of transport. Hence travelling to these remote areas can be best done through a Jeep like vehicle. The jeep safari tour gives a golden opportunity to the travellers to visit the lakes, valleys and monasteries situated in the heights of the Tibetan Himalayas in Ladakh.

Apart from these, it is going to be a cherishable experience to drive through the wetlands and high deserts of Ladakh through the uneven terrains, medieval villages, beautiful rock formations, snow capped mountains, sculpted canyons and Buddhist monasteries. Also, there are pretty good chances that you spot some rare species of the wild animals in the heart of Ladakh.

Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Exploring Pangong Lake through Jeep Safari

Ladakh Jeep safari at the high lake of India is another new fascination that has as of late come up as an adventure activity. The Jeep Safari takes you to the high lake -the Pangong Lake. It will take approximately four hours to reach Changla Pass. The V-shaped ridges, the panoramic landscapes and the blue waters are all breathtaking. The purplish blue lake flawlessly set off the brilliant yellow of the mountainside, painted subsequently by the smooth beams of the sun on a canvas of fresh blue sky will make anyone to skip a beat. The jeep safaris in Ladakh are especially prominent among the adventure sports lovers.

Ladakh jeep safari

Exploring Nurba Valley through Jeep Safari

After the lake jeep safari experience to Nubra valley is another exhilarating one. The Last ‘Shangri La’ or the Nubra Valley lies in North of Leh after the Khardung La Pass. Khardung La located at the height of 5600 m is the highest motorable route in the world.

The valley was once the center of prosperous Silk route trade. Apart from the Jeep Safari ride, you can also enjoy a double-humped camel (Bactrian camel) ride on white sand near to Diskit. There are many popular monasteries in Diskit including Ansa, Hunder, Keyger and Sumur.

jeep safari experience in Ladakh

These monasteries reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Mayahana Buddhism. The samstanling monastery is located between the Sumur and Kyagar (called ‘Tiger’ by the Indian Army) villages, and Panamik is best known for its hot springs.

If you are in Leh, you can start from Nubra and drive 40 km to reach the Khardung La to enjoy the views of Karakuram and mountains of Ladakh. You will have to get your passport checked at North-Pulu soon after you cross the pass. Passing by the splendid village of Khardung La, you will meet the river Shyok which is the main river in the Nubra Valley. Then you will be taken through a bridge in Koksar village to reach Keygar village en-routing Sumur.

After that, you can set off to drive to the Panoramic village that runs parallel with the Nubra River. You can leave your jeep for  a while to trek to Ansa monastery which is one of the most important monasteries in the Nubra Valley. You can start your trek by climbing a hill and then strolling down along the Nubra valley.

Exploring Ladakh through Jeep Safari

Now you can head towards the Samstanling monastery which is situated very near to the Keygar village. Then you can drive back to Sumur and reach Diskit. Here you can visit the Diskit monastery located on a hill, which is best known for offering panoramic views of the entire Nubra Valley. The main sights inside the monastery include the white Mahakala in the ‘GonKhang’.

After Diskit it is now the time to explore the Hundar Monastery which offers a driving experience along the white sand deserts of the Nubra valley. You can further head to the Camel farm which is very popular because of its Bactrian double-humped camels that were left by the Asian traders when they used to stop over at Nubra during their trading trips. Do not miss on the camel ride here!

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Ladakh in itself is a spell bounding destination you will enjoy it no matter how you go, but driving across Ladakh is an unmatchable experience and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Ladakh in its natural form.

So if you are one of those who loves adventure, then Jeep Safari tour to Ladakh is exclusively for you!

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