Shikhar Nature Resort: Best Destination for Yoga and Meditation in the Himalayas

Yoga and meditation have been the most conventional and powerful ways to keep the mind and thoughts under control. Yoga and meditation both bring stability to the wavering mind and when it is done close to nature, the effect gets multiplied.

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Hence, in the wake of offering the ultimate peace and satisfaction to the seekers, Shikhar Nature Resort is one perfect destination in the arms of the great Himalayas.

Here we write about how Shikhar Nature Resort stands as the best yoga and meditation spot.

A retreating 7-days stay at Shikhar Nature Resort

Shikhar Nature Resort is built at a convenient location which is 5 km from Uttarkashi on the way to Gangotri. The resort stretches in 4 acres of lush green fields encompassed by Cliff Mountains and situated on the bank of the river Bhagirathi. The sight around the resort is a perfect charm to the eyes of the viewer, and the calm atmosphere can inspire anyone to forget all the hassles of life and meditate in the absolute tranquillity.

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The day at the resort starts with a chanting session to open up the lungs and the mind. A steaming hot cup of tea made from the ancient species is like an energy punch before proceeding to different asanas and learn distinct techniques and methods of Yoga with the Yoga guru. The morning session is taken ahead with the introduction to the fundamental yoga postures, practices, breathing and relaxation methods. Next, you are taught about the Hot Yoga. The basics of Hatha Yoga are made by different asanas through which the body tends to be healthy, and continued practice of the same brings health, steadiness and lightness to the body by purifying different systems of the body. These asanas are very important as to move on to the higher stages of meditation.

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As the day furthers, you will get to learn about the yogic food and beverages in the session based on the Yogic food.

In the evening, you can participate in the Aarti that is conducted each day on the bank of river Bhagirathi. The river Bhagirathi is a violent Himalayan river in the Uttarakhand, which is also a source stream to the river Ganges. You can also participate in arranging for the Aarti as well.

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Start your next day with the chanting session to open the lungs and mind and enjoy the herbal tea. Then there will be a session on the Ashtanga Yoga, the practice of which makes the body physically fit and more stable. The session will be followed by Pranayama that will help you to control your breathing and developing peace of mind. The mind can be controlled through regular practice of Pratyahara. You can experience absolute calmness of mind by practising Samadhi – the last level in this Yoga. This session aims at giving you a chance to boost up your self-confidence and improve mental health.

Later in the day after the Yoga sessions you can take a tour to the Uttarkashi and visit the Vishwanath Temple – a pilgrimage site in Uttarkashi. Evening will be the time to practice another session of Ashtanga Yoga with your Yoga guru and then proceed for the Ganga Aarti.

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Another day starts with a cup of tea made from the ancient spices and followed by a laughter session with the Yoga teacher. The session is controlled by the teacher who commands to start and practice different laughter exercises. For improved group dynamics, the teacher can ask members to perform the different laughter exercises. The session also includes maintaining eye contacts with each other. The laughter session is full of enjoyment as it involves playful activities just as children do.

The afternoon session will be the time to perform asana, breathing session (pranayama), relaxation session (savasana) and meditation that will include philosophical Yoga. Evening will be the time to relax and meditate with your yoga guru.

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The same trend with small alterations is followed on each day so that by the end you are well trained to perform various asanas and meditate independently.

The different yoga and meditation techniques, the tea made from the ancient spices, the walk in the arms of nature and the aarti at the Ganges, all together will make you feel so relaxed and calm like never before.

By the time you leave the Shikhar Nature Resort, you will have achieved the goal of the ultimate satisfaction, and you will find a completely different person in you.

The learning that you will take with you before you leave Shikhar Nature Resort will be there with you for a lifetime, and by the time you will have discovered how to attain extreme peace and calmness through Yoga and meditation!

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