Exploring the Unexplored: Tribal Tours in North-East India

“Paradise unexplored” as it is said to be, the North-East stretches far & wide, tucked away into majestic mountains & lush green valleys under the infinite blues, home to a plethora of tribes, each with own distinctive historical traditions & cultures, along with abundance of bio-diversity –man & nature co-existing in perfect harmony.

Majuli Island Tour

Embark on a journey to the seven sisters, the land of rich culture & tradition, to witness & explore the tribes of North-East, their lifestyles, customs, food & more, indulging in an unforgettable experience…

Considered the wettest regions of the country, the “Abode of the clouds” is endowed with the most beautiful & serene vistas, home to the principal tribal groups of the Garos in the west, the Khasi-Pnars in the central region & the Jaintias in the east, making up for the majority of Meghalaya’s population. These tribes are known to be the few remaining matrilineal societies in the world, where individuals take after the titles & inheritances from their mothers. The tribal tours of Meghalaya make one explore the indigenous culture & lifestyles of the tribal people – their festivals, customs, styles of dressing, food, their expertise in local arts & crafts like cane and bamboo work, carpet weaving, sericulture and making musical instruments, jewelry and pineapple fiber articles among others. One gets to experience sustainable living & the way their lives are entwined with nature.

Meghalaya Family Tour

It is through the gateway to the North-East that one gets to explore the vast & diverse culture of the land, the state of Assam known by its songs & dances, the silks & tea & the bounty of flora & fauna –Kaziranga wildlife & national parks, all amidst the panorama of lofty hills & winding rivers. It is home to a number of tribes like the Khamti, Mishings, Phakial, Khamyang, Aitonia, Deoris, Nara, Gurung, Shyam, and Kacharis among others, especially in the river island of Majauli, the known for the birth of Neo-Vaishnavite culture & also the Assamese monasteries. One gets to experience the tribal way of living & an opportunity to connect with the realms of nature.

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

Tucked away in the midst of Nepal in the west, Bhutan in the east, Tibet in the north & West Bengal in the South, this beautiful land holds the most ancient cultures & spiritual abodes, natural bounties & bio-diversity, offering a unique & exotic experience. And with this very exquisite region is inhabited majorly by the ethnic groups of the Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese each with their distinctive identities – communities, cultures & religions intermingling in a harmonious blend with nature, all reflected by their folk culture.

kanchendzonga national park

Considered to be the tribal heartland of the North-East, Arunachal Pradesh has plenty of tribal villages with over 82 tribes & sub-tribes spanning the green expanse of rainforests & Himalayan rivers, their socio-culture, traditions, language and lifestyle, all worth experiencing. There are the followers of Donyi-Polo, in the Ziro Valley live the Apatani tribals known for their sustainable living, while in the Subansiri Valley dwell the Tagins. the Siang Valley, one of the most picturesque regions is inhabited by the warrior tribe of the Adis, while the east is home to the Mishmi sub-tribes, all of these & the others luring travellers & explorers from all over to discover the hidden gems of the tribal life of the land lived in much seclusion over the years, now having opened the doors to all.

sandakphu trek

The “land of festivals” as it is known, is famous for its tribal heritage, home to over 16 indigenous Naga tribes & sub-tribes spread across the mountainous terrain. Some of the major ones among them are the Angamis, the Semas , Konyaks , Aaos and the Rengmas , each with their own distinct socio-cultural traditions & lifestyles – exploring tribal villages, wildlife sanctuaries, temples etc. a fascinating experience to partake in. The Naga tribes possess rich cultural traditions in the form of songs & dances, the arts & the crafts, folk culture & legends, upholding age-old customs having passed down from their ancestors, all living of sustainable means in perfect harmony with the environment.

Kohima Nagaland
Nagaland tribal tour on a North-East getaway, is a rare experience to indulge in, for the lush greens of the tropical paradise with the colourful & diverse indigenous tribes of the region are a treat to any explorer, tourist or spiritual seeker, finding solace in the simple yet rejuvenating lifestyles & cultures of the tribes, along with the rich bio-diversity to partake in. The region is a manifestation of sustainable living, for the livelihood of the tribes depends on the traditional ways of procurement, thus preserving & conserving the ecological balances of the land. These tribes reflect the age-old traditions passed on from generation to generation, blend in with perfect harmony with the untouched natural beauty with varying landscapes, in its most pure & pristine forms.

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