The Tea Experience – Best Tea Plantations in India

The Tea experience is yet another luxury to behold, for one can indulge in exploring the realms of the sprawling tea estate plantations – building nostalgia of the colonial days, waking up with the finest of aromatic tea, of how it is processed & made into the best labels in the world & partake in the local culture, discovering the natural vistas filled with entertaining & engaging activities in the ultimate retreat!

Tea Tour in Darjeeling

West Bengal
It is across the Himalayan foothills, there lay the lush greens of the tea gardens – the well-known estates of Darjeeling, Dooars, Kurseong among others, in parts of West Bengal. These Tea plantations are famous for the finest of Tea labels in the world, offering a range of activities for the explorer – most prominently being the Tea estate tours with the pleasure of experiencing the manufacturing & processing of Tea, tasting sessions, luxury retreats in the plantations & much more.

One can also partake in the annual Tea & Tourism festival held at Dooars & relish in the sheer pleasure of the realms of nature – the panoramic views, the bio-diversity, nature walks & other adventure pursuits.

assam tea plantation

Yet another name known for its unique flavor & Tea plantations is the state of Assam, stretched far & wide like the “green carpet”, the ideal destination to romancing the Tea gardens, with the Tea bungalows bearing testimony to the colonial era & its regal heritage.

The region is the largest Tea producer in the country, with Tea Tourism becoming a fast catching trend – an exclusive recreational experience, a chance to explore the vistas with the added luxuries of the innovative activities that the state offers – that of Bungalow culture, Organic Tea Estate tours, Tea Tribal Culture, visits to the Tea Museum & Research Institute & so much more!

Beautiful Tea Plantation Landscape in Munnar

The Western Ghats of India have for long been the Tea producers of the south, having taken a prominent place among the Tea plantations of the country, wherein the stretches of Idukki, Wayanad, Kottayam, Thrissur, Malappuram and Palakkad are the major tea producing areas of Kerala. It is also famous for India’s first Tea Museum at Nallathanni Estate in Munnar, along with the production of certified organic Green & White Tea, said to be quite rare & exclusive.

The region is the perfect setting for the nature lover – the Tea estates spread across the rolling hills, enchanting valleys, waterfalls along with the rich flora & fauna of the land, in all its glory.

Temi Tea Garden Sikkim

Originating from the Tendong hill, the Temi Tea Garden is the sole Tea plantation in Sikkim, the producer of certified & characteristic Organic Tea, set amidst the never-ending greens of serenity, bordered by the snowcapped Kanchenjunga, dotted with Cherry Blossoms in full blooms in the months of winter. One can experience the making of Tea & its processes, take a stroll through the slopes & taste garden fresh Tea & relish in heavenly bliss! Other attractions of the area are the Buddhist monasteries & ruralscape, cardamom & cherry blossom plantations along with the diverse bio-diversity, all of it worth a sight-seeing tour!

Tea plantations of Southern India

The Annamalais & The Nilgiris
The Annamalais & the Nilgiris are the oldest Tea plantations of Southern India, these estates nestled in the midst of lush green & mysterious rainforests producing Tea all-round the year – the Nilgiris are famous for producing the Oolong & Black Tea, while the Annamalai Tea for its strong flavour & high fragrance. With abundance of wildlife & natural beauty both of these hill stations a paradise for the nature lover.

Tea Plantation Nilgiri Hills

Himachal Pradesh
It is on the gentle slopes of the Kangra valley that one finds the organic Tea plantations of the state, producing varieties of green & black Tea, with varieties like Pekoe, Fannings, Hyson etc. with their exquisite flavours in the districts of Mandi & Kangra, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. The acres of the Kangra Tea plantations are just as delightful as the Tea they produce, with a number of luxury stays & activities to indulge in, with the wealth of its spiritual & cultural heritage, all in all, a complete package tour, worth the experience!

Tea Tourism has come to be a sought after travel trend, the greens & natural bounty seeming to be the perfect getaway for the vacationers – Tea lover or not, it is an exquisite way to explore the realms of the Tea plantations.

Kangra tea plantation

These tours present a rejuvenating & blissful experience, be it in the Southern regions or the North-East – the sheer fascination of living in the estates, exploring the natural vistas, taking up local activities & interacting with the people, indulging in adventure sports & nature walks, every region offering a distinct flavor to relish.

So why not plan your next getaway to the land of serenity & natural bliss? A Tea Tour in India is bound to leave its old-world charm a long lasting impression in your hearts!

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