The Gastronomic Affair – Food Trails of India

A foodie’s “dream come true” you can call it, the unexplained delight of indulging in the plethora of foods from all over the country, Culinary tours in India are a much sought after travel experience, with the never-ending range of foods to choose from! What can be better than relishing in the distinctive flavours of Indian cuisine, if not the culture & locale of the land with centuries of overlapping ethos?!

Food trails of India

A shout out to all you food lovers, pack your bags, grab your checklist & embark upon a journey of exploring the Food trails of India

What can be better than a Royal extravaganza to take pleasure in, in the land of the Maharajas, with the essence of its deep-rooted culture, experiencing an array of Royal Indian cuisines from all over the country! Be it the grand Mughlai cuisine, the flavours from the royal Rasodas of Rajasthan, the Marwari Bhoj, the regal tastes of the Nizams of Hyderabad or the Kashmiri kings, the traditions of Telangana or Marathwada, the culinary delights of the lesser known Eastern (Tripura) traditions, of Sailana (Central India) or Awadh to name a few of many, any & all of the royal cuisines will leave you revelling in bliss, with the best of the profuse luxuriant savour of India & its princely states.

Rajasthan Traditional Cuisine

Street food in India is yet another cuisine in itself, with regional palates offering wide assortments of foods like the drinks ranging from Jaljeera to Flavoured Lassi or Thandai, pastime snacks of Gol Gappe, Aaloo Tikki & the Dahi Bhel Bhalla Papri / Lacha Tokri variety, while the main course with choices like Pau Bhaji, Stuffed Paranthas, Pakoras, Ragda Patties or Chole Bhature Pulao, Raj Kachori or Khasta Kachori & ending with dessert picks like Pista / Rabdi / Falooda Kulfi, Jalebi / Imarti, Chuski, Ras Malai & what not.

Delhi Street Food

Picture the unexplained delight of roadside stalls selling the most lip-smacking, savoury food from across the country, with crunchy, tangy, spicy hot and sweet flavours combined together to satisfy not just the heart but the soul of every foodie!

Travel through various regions of the country, with distinctive regional traditions of food & multi-cuisine having lost its way somewhere in the pages of history, go on a surge for resurrection & witness the taste of some of the most exclusive recipes of the country.

indian food festival

It is the rediscovery of the lost recipes; a quest to explore the lesser known, looking through the lens of history to relish in the sheer pleasure of the olden originals through the local lanes & experts of the art, for this is one unconventional culinary tour to opt for, taking up food trails discovering these foods through time & civilisation, their dying art kept alive by the very few.

india fried food snacks

The Locales Delight gives a roundabout of the local food of different regions, specific to the very vicinity of the area, much preferred by the common folk, that comes to form the everyday of their food & lifestyle indulgences. It takes up the so called “pop-culture” of food of the locales of the region, of how it remains special to the area, the little tit-bits from here & there to entice your tastes & give you an all in all look into what goes well with the people!

flavours of Indian cuisine

This one is an interesting take into the food trails of one particular region, known for its distinctive cuisines having come to be with ages of cultural accumulation & exchange. Take up a specific region & explore the ins & outs of its food junctions, from royal cuisines to everyday recipes, the specifics of the region, ways of preparation, the ingredients, techniques involved, the distinctive flavours & so much more!

south indian traditional food

Be it Rajasthani dishes, the Mumbai food scene or the regions by it, the exclusives of the North-East or the South for that matter, name it & you’d have a plethora of regional Indian dishes to discover!

Prepare your six senses for the ultimate food experience, discovering the unique & distinctive flavours of the land, indulge in activities like food & photo walks, cooking classes & competitive sessions, kitchen tours, food tastings, shopping for ingredients & spices & so much more!

culinary tour delhi

Explore & rediscover the food trails of the land, with the food industry at a massive boom, learning about its history, & tasting scrumptious food, luring foodies & travellers from all over to be a part of these culinary tours, tracing in depth the nuances of Indian culture & the plethora of cuisines the country offers, the food differing at every 10 miles or so like the language & culture of the region, each presenting innovative & satisfying indulgences to relish in!

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