Exploring the Unexplored: 10 Lesser Known Treks in North India

What can be better than an adventure exploration to find your way long the trails of the realms that lay unexplored?! Not only will one quench the thirst for adrenaline rush but also explore regions that have been rather tucked away from the touch of man…


Here are 10 lesser known, hidden treks in the expanse of North India!

Considered as a challenging trek to get through, the Mandani Valley Trek in the Garhwal Ranges is a distinct one trailing from the midst of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, coursing from Madhya Maheshwar to Kedarnath via MananiBugyal, Simtolibugyals, Kham Pass& the Hathini Pass. This lesser known trekking trail is a sight to behold what with the sprawling flowery meadows, majestic peaks& winding through 3 high altitude passes – the Yeonbuk Col towards the Bisali Col & the Mahapanth Col.

Mandani Valley trek

Yet another one meant for the experienced folks out there is the much fascinating trek of Stok Kangri spanning across the rugged terrains of Ladakh – the perfect destination for all adventure lovers. It traces along many ridges in the midst of the trekking trail & one can experience the variations in altitude throughout what with the tricky passes & winding curves with the breath-taking views of the Zanskar ranges & the underlying valleys.


This one is a fascinating & a unique one what with the trekking trails explored atop Yaks, setting camp bases like the locals & having a taste of their lifestyle & culture tracing the much famed silk route stretching across mountainous terrain, glaciers, desert valleys, flowery meadows, visiting a number of Buddhist monasteries along the way & experience camel rides too. Though trekking across such diverse & multi-altitude terrains needs one to be fit & have some expertise in the domain.

Milam Glacier Trek

It is magic indeed, trailing across the breath-taking sights & scenic landscapes in all their glory especially in the remote and fairly inaccessible valley of Miyar, an exceptionally long one and most definitely an adventure of a lifetime at that. It is full of indulgences & spots to seek solace in, the meadows and the steep rocky side valleys abundant with exquisite Himalayan alpine flora & some fauna. The trek begins from the bottom of the Miyar valley trailing to Kang La pass, traversing over the Miyar glacier forming the route crossing over into the Zanskar Valley.

This one is yet another less explored trekking route with the requisite of only an Indian national having to obtain an obligatory permit to pass through this restricted area, historically marking the route for cultural & economic exchange between the Tribal communities. One can indulge in the taste of Garhwal & Kumaun cultures along with some Tribal lifescapes & take up a few adventure sports before the trek like rafting, bungee jumping and more at the foothills of Rishikesh.

deo tibba base camp

Starting a little further off Manali, the trek receives fewer footfalls& is a tricky one involving crossing over ravines and boulders coupled with steep climbs, an adventurous one for an expert trekker to pull off. One trails across the beautiful Chandertal Lake coupled with breathtaking views of DeoTibba peak and its hanging glaciers all along – deadly but strikingly gorgeous, while one can further the trek to Rohtang pass & Kullu Valley.

With the breath-taking views of the mighty Kanchenjunga is its base camp trek tucked away in isolation from the mainland dotted with Buddhist Gompas & Monasteries all over spanning across national borders of the countries of Nepal, Tibet and India. The Kanchenjunga base camp trek unfolds along the hidden treasures of the land – lakes, tribal villages, and forests originating from Yuksom furthering towards Bakhim with the astounding view of several other peaks like Mt Kokthang, Mt Pandim etc.


This one follows up with some steep & high climbing routes surrounded by grasslands along the way & crossing through lakes throughout surrounded by snow-capped peaks, glaciers, waterfalls & sprawling meadows. It trails through Rudraprayag starting from Malla followed by Kush Kalyani via Sillachhan to Parital via Kyarki in view of the Khatling Glacier with Sahasratal and Masartal on either sides, the rugged landscapes that draw one in their mesmerizing beauty.

panwali kantha trek

This one gives way to exquisite flowery greens in the Garhwal Himalayas stretching across the PanwaliKantha meadow with views of the complete range of Yamnotri- Gangotri- Kedarnath- Badrinath mountain peaks coursing through the seven Bugyals of PanwaliKantha with a moderate level of challenge for the trekking enthusiast.

limi valley trek

For the absolute trekking buffs is what this place calls for, set in the midst of the Himalayas among barren landscapes & high altitude passes following up with Buddhist traditions interwoven with shamanistic influences crossing the Nara La pass from Hilsa towards the Limi Valley – its remote location making it an off-beat trek destination!

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