A Safari Ride Atop the Ship of the Desert

What can be better than exploring the vast expanse of the golden dunes of sand on the ship of the desert itself?! You got that right! The Camel Safari in Rajasthan is the ultimate ride to explore & traverse through the sands of the Thar – to discover the vibrantly & colourful culture of the land of the Rajputs on the back of the swaying Camel & feel just like royalty.

Jaisalmer camel safari

Exploring the Great Indian Desert on Camel Ride is one of the most exciting & memorable things to do – trailing through the Aravallis with its sandy fields, golden dunes, beautiful hills and to adding cherry to the cake are its mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the rustic, rural desert life, ride through the rippling, windswept desert, camping out under the stars, whilst a closer look at the local lifestyle, interact with the indigenous people, travel through remote villages & experience the Folk culture – the folk dances, folk music, Rajasthani cuisine & local food making it an adventure of a lifetime!

camel safari village tour in rajasthan

There are many a places to catch on a Camel Safari in the vast expanse of the Thar desert, of which the ones around Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Pushkar are the prominent ones. The ideal time to catch on a Camel ride is in the winter months – the cooler dry months from September to March wherein the region remains moderately to extremely cold making it the best time for tourists to travel & plan their itinerary accordingly. After March, the desert becomes unbearably hot, and then the monsoon season starts.

Camel safari in rajasthan

The best time for a camel safari is in the morning and evening – when they usually depart early in the morning to allow some distance to be covered, and a suitable camping spot to be found and set up, before dusk, as attended by the Raikas or the camel keepers, to get the best of what Rajasthan has to offer!

Camel Ride in Rajasthan

The duration ranges widely based on the preference of the traveller – while it is possible to go on a quick camel safari and return the same day, many people prefer to go deeper into the desert for up to four or five days. Some take up the two day/one night option. One can opt for even longer periods as suited to preference, adaptability & budget – the itinerary customised to meet your needs.

Thar desert Rajasthan

• Riding on camel back is not what people are usually accustomed to, which is why it can become surprisingly uncomfortable after a while, and people complain of having very sore legs and back pains by the end of their journey. To make it a more comfortable & more enjoyable ride one can bring something comfortable and padded to sit on!

desert sundowner in thar desert

• With regard to the things that one ought to carry, as the Camel Safaris are generally arranged in the winters, woolens are a must. Also one might need to carry sleeping bags, blankets etc. During the daytime, you may require sun hat, a pair of sun glasses to protect from the blistering heat. Other essentials are a first aid kit, toilet paper, flashlight, water bottle, and other probable materials you’ll need.

Life in Thar desrert, rajasthan

• As a vigilant & aware tourist one must brief the self about the travel experience, the dos & don’ts, the carry on essentials etc. to avoid any hassle in the travel experience & make the adaptability easier.
The Camel Safari makes up for a once in a lifetime experience which you’re sure to cherish & remember always!

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