Rajasthan Tours: Pushkar Fair, Camel Safari, Sand and Dunes

If there is the Gobi Desert and Arabian Desert in the Middle East, it’s the Thar Desert in India. Located in the north-western state of Rajasthan, the desert is famous for its sand dunes and the plethora of festivals that take place in the latter part of the year amidst sun and sand.

khimsar sand and dunes

Rajasthan is the appropriate place for anyone to visit who likes to explore a deep and rich history and for someone who wants to be treated like a king in the land where hundreds of great kings once ruled.
Colourful, full of zest & zeal and flocked by people from different parts of the world; Rajasthan is a place you must visit if you are into all things classic. The state proudly houses Udaipur, the city of Lakes; sometimes also called the Venice of East.

Pushkar Fair Rajasthan

The regal palaces and fort, that have now been converted to heritage hotels and resorts call out to all those willing to experience the life of Maharajas and Maharanis back in the days. And if you have got the bills to splurge, Rajasthan is the best place to openly do it.

Fairs and Festive in the City
By the outskirts of the Ajmer city in Rajasthan, lies a quaint, beautiful town of Pushkar; famous for its Brahma temple, dedicated to the Lord Brahma, the God of Creation.

Pushkar is a serene pilgrimage site for Hindus and surrounds the Puskhar Lake within; where thousands of devotees bathe.

Tourist in pushkar fair

What’s even more exciting about Pushkar is the fact that the city holds an annual fair in its premises. The Pushkar Mela or The Pushkar Fair is held every year in the month of November when the sands have relatively soothed down and the weather is all pleasant.

This is the best time to visit any place in Rajasthan and if you are visiting Pushkar, even better.
The Pushkar Mela has everything from Camel safari, to handicrafts fair, to traditional folk singers to keep you entertained. It would come as a surprise that Pushkar has a lot of Israeli, Italian and Spanish population; so you’ll find authentic continental and European food.

camel fair pushkar

The highlight if the entire fair is the Aarti that takes place around the ghats of the lake; and the beautiful hot air balloon rides!

Getting Around the Ship of the Desert
Aptly known as the Ship of the Desert, the Camel is one mesmerising creature; right from its beautiful eyes down to its long, slender legs.

camel safari in Jaisalmer

Coming to India, one of the must do’s include going on a Camel Safari in Rajasthan and exploring the vast sand dunes.
The place to do so in all of Rajasthan is Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Barmer; areas from which the Pakistan border is a mere kilometres.

You will get to ride camels, have a picnic of your own in the Desert and be fed authentic Rajasthani cuisine from wood-fired stoves.

Khimsar Sand and Dunes

You can even customise your holiday around these safaris according to your liking and your budget; and if it suits you; you can stay in tents in the middle of Desert and experience the vast change in temperature from morning to evening.

If all this tantalises the wanderlust in you, Rajasthan is a place you should visit. With multiple holidays around the corner; pack your bags and hit the Desert!

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