Nightlife, Calmness and Sports all is Here – Luxury Beaches of India

The soothing breeze, high tides, sparkling white sand and the calmness in the middle of the roaring water transports you to a different world. Take time to breathe in the fresh air, walk barefoot on the moist sand and get immersed in the nightlife and, we are sure you would want to stay there forever.

Anjuna Beach Goa

Goa Beaches
Known as the beach capital of India, Goa is home to plenty beaches with golden sand calling out to people. Its vigorous and colorful life attracts millions of tourists every day. The north of Goa is the hotspot for fun, entertainment, nightlife and recreation while south is all about sitting back and relaxing. Surrounded by a picture perfect backdrop and serenity, the beaches of south Goa are everything you imagined it to be. Beautiful landscapes, serene and sublime beaches, pleasant weather along with its hospitable culture make Goa a favorite. Just the name of beach capital makes us ride on an exciting trip with friends, family and even solo. Allow yourself to get addicted to the beauty of water and cool breeze. Here is a list of beaches for you.

Anjuna beach Goa

Anjuna Beach
A mere 7 kms from the Baga beach, Arjuna Beach is most famous for its night life, Curlies, seashore and seafood. The beach is best known for its the famous hippie culture as well as sunsets. The beach also allows you native shopping from the nearby flea markets. The beautiful stretch of the sand and the sea is just an awe-striking moment, almost breathtaking.

Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach
Most famous amongst the Indian tourists, the Baga beach offers something or the other for everyone. From picturesque views to seafood; from beach shacks & music to water sports.

The Baga beach is the best place for a people’s person to be at and is the most happening place in the whole region.

Fishing Boats anchored at Dona Paula Goa

Dona Paula Beach
Another mesmerizing spot to watch sunrise and sunset is the Dona Paula beach, surrounded by cliffs on two sides, enclosing a Fresh Water Lake. Also called the lovers paradise the beautiful beach is the perfect location for a romantic outing. People flock to the Dona Paula beach not only to enjoy the sun and the sea but also to indulge in water sports in the clear waters. The Dona Paula Beach offers an opportunity to the tourists to take the sun in and buy souvenirs from local vendors. With many historical myths connected to the beach the Dona Paula beach is one of the major attractions among people.

kovalam beach, Kerala

Kerela Beaches
India’s southern-most state; also known as God’s own country is beautifully blessed with luxurious beaches, breathtaking backwater, wildlife and hilly peaks.

Kovalam Beaches
Low tidal waves, and shallow waters makes the Kovalam beach one of the most popular beaches among the travelers. The 17 km long coastline consists of three beaches- Light House beach, Hawah Beach and Crescent Beach.
You’ll find the atmosphere here pretty relaxed. Driving through the cool breeze and coconut lined highway is a pleasure.

Lighthouse beach kovalam

Interestingly, the Hawah beach allows top-less sunbathing and water sports such as surfing, wooden boat ride on catamarans and Motor Boat Ride.

While the Lighthouse beach is one of the most romantic beaches in Kerala and is considered as the paradise of the south. The three beaches separated by rocks have a way to calm every soul.

Enjoy the exotic beauty of the water waves, the birds chipping, sunrise and sunset, cool breeze, adventure and nightlife. Yet this is not all. For further details send your queries to

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