What’s so Special About Going on a Summer Tour in Himachal Pradesh?

Imagine a place with colonial architecture. Now imagine a place where you can go river rafting. After this, imagine a place which holds the title of being the highest cricket ground in the world. This can go and on until you realize it’s not a picture book but a real state in India – Himachal Pradesh.

apple farms in himachal

Whatever you try saying about Himachal Pradesh, you will always fall short of words describing the place. In fact, there are so many places to visit in Himachal, you may spend your entire summer tour in the state and yet a list of places remaining unvisited. So, if you are wondering what makes Himachal quite the gorgeous place it is, here are a few of the many thousand reasons:

  1. Manali and Shimla: Starting with Manali, it is definitely the most celebrated hill station in India. Where else can you find snow clad mountains, paragliding experiences and picturesque weather all in one place! The local refreshments and culture just add to the galore of the place. All in all, a Manali tour will leave you with experiences of such varied colours, your photobook will look no different than a colour-book!

Shimla on the other hand is like the quieter cousin to Manali. Shimla boasts amazing natural beauty, camping sites at Mashorba, heritage walks, scenic beauty of the valleys, Chadwick waterfall and an amazing shopping experience at Lakkar Bazaar. Paying a homage to its beautiful hills is the Kullu Shimla trek because why should you get satisfied with the hills, when you deserve to see the world from the top!

Camping at Shimla – Himachal Pradesh

Shimla was once called the Summer Capital of the British India. The fact was that it was difficult for the British Governor Generals to stay in the scorching heat of Delhi and hence, Shimla became the office of the governor generals in the winters. Shimla, with all its natural pride, boasts the colonial architecture which will take you to the Ruskin Bond novels! The colonial architecture makes Shimla feel a part of Europe, which is inhabited by Indians. Most of the city cheers up at and around the Mall Road but Shimla still has many places for the curious visitor to go to – Tudor Library Building, Chadwick Falls and the Christ Church are waiting for you just in the same city!

  1. Dharamsala: The city derives its name from amalgamation of two words Dharam, meaning religion and Sala, meaning a place to reside. The city lives up to its name. The snowy mountains on all the sides give the calm and peaceful city a strike of grandiose. Monks and refugees who come from Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet still call this city their home and that is what makes Dharamsala so unique. The city has many famous monasteries and finding the monks meditating in many of them is a humbling experience every human being deserves. Peeking out of the traditional planning of the city is the HPCA Stadium, which is an abbreviation of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. Now, one may not be a cricket fan but the sheer beauty and colours of this stadium sitting in the lap of mountains is a treat for the eyes.

Women Only Trek to Triund in Himachal

Beyond Dharamsala is the McLeodganj which in itself is a beautiful place. McLeodganj is the hidden gem within the crown of Dharamsala. McLeodganj gives you a chance to go for a 9 km trek on Triund. If you want to feel more energetic, there is the Bhagsu Falls and if you feel like meditating and finding your inner self is what you want, you have the Namgyal Monastery.

  1. The mini-Switzerland of India: This is where Khajjiar comes into picture. You can simple go there, click yourself and caption your image ‘Relaxing in Switzerland’ and no one would ever know you are actually in Himachal Pradesh! The place is rich with pastures of land rich in greens and pine trees. Why go for the visa office, when Switzerland is waiting for you in Himachal Pradesh!

Khajjiar - mini Switzerland of India

  1. Want more peace? Dalhousie is what you are looking for: Dalhousie, which is covered with colonial structures is less populated, snowy and calm – the ideal place to let your thoughts wonder while you enjoy sipping the beauty in your surroundings.

Himachal Pradesh has something for everyone, or maybe everything for everyone. The more you see, the more amused you shall be!

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  1. Picturesque facades, street music, amazing architecture, colourful buildings! The history of the place is so intriguing!

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