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Odisha to Facilitate Himalayan Expedition

The state government in association with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) has decided to enable youths from the state to take part in a Himalayan expedition.

Mount Saramati Peak


A 15-member team of young mountaineers will scale a mountain peak over 6000m high in the Indian Himalayas during the post-monsoon period of 2016 as part of the expedition. “In a first of its kind move, the department of sports and youth affairs will fund the Himalayan expedition. IMF, the apex body of land based adventures in the country, will facilitate training and other activities,” said coordinator of IMF, Odisha chapter, Susanta Das.

sikkim darjeeling tour

Before the mission, three preparatory camps will be organized to train the participants in different mountain skills and techniques of survival in adverse weather conditions at high altitudes.

“The objective is to provide an opportunity to the youth in Odisha to participate in adventure sports and to instill team spirit, discipline and leadership,” Das added.

Trekking in Sikkim

Youths of 18 to 25 years of age who have attended adventure camps before can apply for the expedition. The mission will start with a trek to the 12,000-feet high Sandakphu in Eastern Himalayas with 50 boys and girls in November. This will be followed by a 5-day rock climbing camp at Panchalingeswar Hills in Balasore in January next year.

The participants who will do well in the trekking and rock climbing would be selected for a grueling Ice craft training camp on the glacier of Sikkim Himalaya near 16,400 high Guicha-La for a fortnight under Indian Himalayan Centre for Adventure & Eco Tourism in March 2016.

Shikhar Nature Resort Uttaerkashi

“Those who excel in the preparatory training camps would be selected for the 15-member final team and would get higher training in different mountaineering institutes like HMI Darjeeling, NIM Uttarkashi and JIM Pahalgam during summer next year before joining the first ever state-sponsored mountaineering expedition,” Das said.



Sikkim – A Chance to Mix Wondrous Nature with Active Sport



Sikkim Tours


Adventure in Sikkim is a chance of a lifetime a chance to mix wondrous nature with active sport, something which is hard to find at its native best. A largely mountainous locale, Sikkim bases most of its adventure around mountain activity. Not that this is crippling in any way. The sheer number of things to do can make your holiday extend beyond your belief. To begin with, there is plenty of scope for trekking, with some of the most famous peaks found in the south of the state.


Kanchenjunga trek


The most famous, the Kanchenjunga trek lies waiting to be conquered. There are several others which are just as majestic. If climbing the mountains is not enough for you, try biking through them. Mountain biking in Sikkim is a compelling activity which several people look to undertake in Sikkim. Navigating through the roads and winding upslope of the state, there is lots of fun and great thrill in just being here. The North and west of the state are the favourite haunts for bikers.


Adventure in Sikkim


If the mountains need a deserving break, there are rapids which can help you try some white water rafting as well. The rivers Teesta and Rangeet have several sections in Sikkim where this is possible, and if you have the stomach for it, it must e tried at least once during your stay. A unique experience presents itself in the form of Yak safaris. A chance to ride the mammoth yak is a chance not everyone can find in daily life. There are wonderful sites along the lake Dzongri and also Tsomgo.


Sikkim Darjeeling Tour


These allow you a chance through the mountains and also along the water bodies. Be a bird in Sikkim and try looking at the mountains and beautiful scenery below. Hang gliding is a sport people come from all over to experience in Sikkim. A chance to spread yourself and let your heart and body fly, this is a chance for you to feel free and let the rush of the winds take you over. The winters are almost impossible to bear in Sikkim.


Sikkim Tour Packages


Try the summer months between April and October to be able to make the most of your adventure. The sheer altitude and climate make it necessary for you to be in great shape to enjoy mountain activity, or any other sport in Sikkim. This is certainly not for those with heart or blood pressure related problems, or even vertigo. Those with ailments should try simple activities like yak safaris. Plan and prepare well for any adventure before you begin. Always go through a course before taking up rafting or mountaineering here since it is a very taxing experience. It is important to follow all regulations and stay within areas which are for the public. Avoid restricted sections unless you have a special permit.



Mountaineering in India – Most Exhilarating Ways to Experience the Wonder of India


Nun Expedition
Nun Expedition

Being able to embrace the mountains as you climb them enables you to feel their magnificence up close. Mountaineering in India is an opportunity for everyone to be able to take in the best of the country while whetting the appetite for fun and adventure. The mountains of India are nothing short of magical. Whether on the amateur slopes, or even among the most imposing mountains, the common thread that links every experience is being able to take in the vastness of the terrain and the virgin beauty of the landscape. There are numerous locations that offer opportunities to experience the magic of mountaineering in India.

Kun Expedition
Kun Expedition

The largest destinations include Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim. This is where you are most likely to access the highest peaks and greatest experiences. The Zanskar range, Nun and Kun are the ranges which lure the experienced mountaineers most. There are several tiers of peaks which begin with the more modest ranges, going all the way to over 6000 metres. The height and experience has necessitated the mountains to be classified into various categories like ‘open’, ‘border’, ‘trekking’ and ‘virgin’.

Mount Shivling Expedition
Mount Shivling Expedition

This can help people make a selection based on their preference. The best time to take off on a mountaineering expedition would be during the summer. The months from May to October are extremely favourable, while the monsoons must be avoided due to the heavy downpours which render the slopes dangerous and also cause landslides. There are special skills required when undertaking mountaineering. This includes an orientation with information and guidance, and also some climbing skills.

Mount Stok Kangri Expedition
Mount Stok Kangri Expedition

These are important before you even begin your expedition. Based on your level of skill and practice, it is imperative that you only opt for a program meant for you. A medical check is also mandatory before you begin. Those with problems related to blood pressure and weight issues must avoid this sport. You should carry enough supplies to last you, and sets of all medication. Ensure that you are prepared for some of the ailments that you could be faced. Know of their symptoms and cures. Problems like frostbite, sunburn and snow blindness can occur and you should be able to curb them at the onset. Ensure you travel with a registered and recognised tour guide and leader who can take you through the tour safely and ensure that you benefit from the experience. If the mountains beckon, respond with your warm embrace.


Camping in India: One Chance to be Unified with Nature


An opportunity to feel the warmth and comfort of nature at its best. Without any dearth of places or avenues for camping, India has the greatest array of camping options any place can afford. Camping allows for not only living and relaxing in the outdoors, but also opportunity for nature trails, and native activity.

Camp in Nun Expedition

Whether in the chilling mountains, in the dusty desert or even the sun kissed beaches, there is a charm that no other experience can bring. There are several ways in which camping in India can be enjoyed. With each region throwing up variety in landscape, a supporting camping tour enables you to acquaint yourself with the richest endowments of the country. Camping in Himachal Pradesh allows you to undertake rafting, fishing and hiking, while escaping to camping sites at Uttaranchal gives you a chance to escape from the frenzy and pollutants of life.

Camping in Himachal Pradesh

Wildlife and desert elements are the mainstay of camping in Rajasthan, while camping in Goa only means unbridled fun. There is no real season to enjoy camping, although you would need to take into consideration seasonal elements when you plan your tour. In the summer, for instance, Rajasthan can be scorching, but Uttaranchal and Himachal can be especially refreshing. Camping in Goa in the monsoons can be quite a dampener, while the winters up North can be unforgiving. Most people enjoy camping in modest tents, and it is important that you plan accordingly. It is important that you carry all your gear including food supplies, bedding and other essentials.

Camping in Rajasthan

Safety also warrants that you carry all medication and first aid that might be required, including protection against bugs and insects and also against injury. During your camping expedition, you may require the need for first aid, and administering basic first aid is something it may be useful to know. Try and restrict yourself to authorised camping sites so that you can ensure that you are in safer territory. Avoid going to places which have danger warnings.

Camping in Goa

There can be nothing better than the outdoors to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. With the exotic locales, abundant greenery and stunning backdrop that India provides, you can be assured a holiday that is calming and rehabilitating.


Why You Should Cater to the Solo Traveller

The Solo Traveller is slowly and steadily becoming one of the key influencers in the Adventure Travel Industry. Is your company geared towards the solo traveller? We tell you why you should.


Solo travellers have trekked, sailed, biked and bussed their way across earth for centuries, exploring and discovering.


Statistics show that about 20% of travellers take holidays on their own, for a variety of reasons. Many are not married or partnered, some prefer to travel alone, and others simply can’t find a friend who can take leave at the same time, or who wants to go to the same destination.


Solo travellers deserve better treatment than they have traditionally received. Most are happy to join group departures, while others prefer the freedom to go their own way. One of the most important considerations for solo travellers is safety. Whether it’s meeting new people in a group departure, sharing a room with a stranger to avoid the costly single supplement, or travelling alone somewhere exotic, solo travellers need to feel safe and secure.


As agents, it is our responsibility to ensure that all travellers have a safe and enjoyable holiday – especially solo travellers. Decent hotels, trustworthy drivers and guides, and empathetic office staff give confidence to prospective singleton travellers. Providing solo travellers with interesting itineraries and opportunities for meaningful interactions with locals and other travellers is good business.


Could you cater better to solo travellers?



The Difference Between an ATOAI Certified Company and an Average Adventure Travel Company

There are some essential differences between an ATOAI Certified Company and an average Adventure Travel Company. We tell you what they are. Put your safety first and always travel with a certified ATOAI Operator only.

There are almost endless possibilities for adventure travellers to enjoy their holidays, and seemingly an infinite amount of adventure travel operators. So how do you choose which one to book with? Membership of government recognised travel bodies, which require adherence to audited standards, is a great place to start. ATOAI monitors members annually, ensuring that standards are maintained.

Trips and activities offered by ATOAI members may appear, on the face of it, to be more expensive than trips from other operators, but you need to ask yourself these 5 important questions.


What safety standards does this operator have?

What experience do they have?

What sort of guide, accommodation and food will I get?

What if something goes wrong?

Will you get what you paid for?


Is it really worth risking your health, safety and the enjoyment of your long anticipated trip, for the sake of what may be only a few hundred rupees a day?

If you are considering a trip which is offered by an operator who is not part of ATOAI, perhaps you should ask yourself why they aren’t a member. And then book with an ATOAI member – you’ll find it’s money well spent.


Top 5 Adventure Travel Destinations in India


Here are some of our favourite destinations if you’re after some serious adventure travel.

Assam: Underrated and not nearly as appreciated as it should be Assam is one of our favourite offbeat destinations for adventure travel in India. The mighty Brahmaputra that flows through the state will let you raft his playful rapids and camp on his river banks under starry skies and by gurgling waters. Majuli Island, the world’s largest river island, will let you explore her cultural and natural secrets and the friendly faces of the Assamese people will leave you with warmth in your heart and wanting to come back for more to this state of many charms.

Sign Up for the Chadar Trek and hike across frozen lakes
Kashmir: Fancy hiking over frozen lakes, rafting the mighty Zanskar river and skiing down massive snow white mountains? Be it summer or winter, Kashmir is a year round adventure travel destination. In the summer you can hike through its alpine meadows and go on weeklong rafting expeditions whereas the winter brings with it some excellent snowboarding, skiing and the right out of a fairy tale hike across a frozen lake. Kashmir is a truly welcoming and friendly state that has just not been given due credit across all these years.
Hiking in Himachal brings views like this
Himachal Pradesh: If you can think of it, they offer it. That to us basically seems to be the Himachal Pradesh motto. This mountainous state offers not only some of the best trekking in the country but also some excellent skiing, ice-skating, fishing, golfing, paragliding, rafting, mountain biking and more. One of the best ways to explore Himachal is to make sure you have at least a week in hand along with a sturdy Jeep or 4WD to traverse the state. For avid hikers who are looking for something a bit more long term there are several courses that the Indian Insitute of Mountaineering offers.
Rafting in Uttrakhand is guaranteed to get that adrenalin pumping
Uttarakhand: Love the outdoor life and are some of your best days the ones spent camping and exploring national parks? If yes, then Uttarakhand might be the state for you. There is excellent white water rafting and kayaking in Uttarakhand as well as some seriously adrenalin pumping activities like Bungee Jumping and the Flying Fox. Easily accessible from New Delhi, this is the probably the best destination if you’re craving some adventure travel and yet are pressed for time.
Andaman and Nicobar Explore the world beneath the prisine blue waters surrounding Havelock Islands
Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Another offbeat destination Andaman and Nicobar is slowly starting to become very popular especially with domestic travelers. Known for its excellent diving the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to a lot of secrets and destinations that are gradually starting to be unraveled. The underwater world here is spectacular and if you’re lucky you can spot anything from massive Manta Rays to friendly Dolphins to the brightest coloured sea horses. These islands are one of the best diving spots in India and should sinking meters deep underwater not be your thing, simply grab a snorkel and explore the life below the ocean from the surface.

The Magnificence of Stok Kangri – 6153 Mtr

ABC 1“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.

An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”

-G. K. Chesterton

 The chill in the air might freeze you, but the thrill in your spirit will melt all fears away. Mount Stok Kangri expedition is known to be one of the simpler 6000mt treks in the world. After a hard 5 days trek and some really breath-taking views, there is going to be a sense of fulfillment that will make you forget everything else.

stok kangri inspection tour 09 276

Perched at a height of 6153 mtrs, StokKangri trek is popular, not so technical yet a demanding foray into high altitude mountaineering.  StokKangri is situated in the Indus Valley of Ladakh region and lies on the Karakorum ranges of the Indian Himalayas, which is the highest peak in the Stok ranges of the Himalaya.The bestmonths to ascend are July to September when it’s usually dry with few rain showers in July and August.

Day 06-Stok Base camp

A classic trek to Stok Kangri can take upto 5-6 days. The trek begins from Stok village which is about 24 kms from Leh district. From the village trek uptil Manikarmo at 4600 mt where you witness barren mountains and wilderness. Matho River Valley is a suitable place for setting up a camp.  Acclimatisation takes a lot of time so it is advised to climb to another height of about 5000mt next day, where you can set up base camp and spend another day for acclimatising and walking up to the advanced base camp to spend some time near the glacier.

Day 09-Way to summit

By fourth day, gear up to start your Stok Kangri summit trek as you pass through rock face, snow trails and catch the views of some of world’s highest peaks like K2. Flag your arrival on the snow clad peak and behold the panoramic views that will take you into a trance, but soon it will be time to return to base camp to spend another night at camp as you celebrate your conquest with your team. Return back with memories, lots of pictures, and a Himalayan adventure you have been looking for.

Day 09-Stok summit

Stok Kangri is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful peaks in Ladakh that gives a real opportunity to climb a 6150mt mountain in less than a week, which is not possible in any other part of the world!If adventure is on your mind, expedition in Ladakh Himalayan belt offers an array of adventure treks and expedition for enthu-mountaineers out there, Mt Nun&Mt Kun to name a few.

Conquest the Grandeur of Mt. Kun – 7077meter

The Surru and Zanskar valley in Jammu and Kashmir attracts many passionate climbers from across the globe to ascend the imposing peaks of this valley. Mt. Kun is settled in the rugged and forbidden landscape of Zanskar in northern India. Being the second highest peak in the ranges, Mt. Kun serves as the center of attraction for all the mountaineers.

Kun Expedition
Mt. Kun

It is technically more challenging than Mt. Nun, the twin sister. Situated in the north of Mt. Nun, both are separated from each other by a 4 km long snowy plateau. Because of the remoteness of these mountain; they were not climbed very often and was fewer known summits of the world. But in recent years, Mt. Kun has gained high popularity between the mountaineers.

Mt. Kun was first conquered by Piacenza, Italian Mountaineer in the year 1913.

Mt. Kun is approachable from two different routes, that is, from Tangole (70km. From Kargil) and Gulmatongo (110km. From Kargil). Gulmatongo serves as the base camp for the start of ascending of the peak.

Kun Expedition
Kun Expedition

The best months for expedition to Mt. Kun is during the months of July, August and September. Various equipment’s are required for uneventful climbing such as fixing ropes, harness, sleeping bags, rock climbing shoes, climbing holds, hiking poles, mountain gear, climbing helmets and many more.

You shall stroll through ancient villages, green meadows and attractive valleys of Ladakh. Once you ascend the summit you will witness a hair-raising view of snow-capped peaks being beautifully kissed by clouds, it seems as you have landed on a paradise.

Mountain Kun
Mountain Kun

Some of the attractions that shall be explored during your stay in Ladakh are Hemis; the biggest and important monastery in Ladakh is built on the green hill side with the view of spectacular mountains. Situated on the crag overlooking the flood plains of Indus, Thiksey is nostalgically attractive monastery dating back to 15th century. On the east bank of Indus lays the royal palace of 16th century, Shey.

This expedition provides you with a great opportunity to explore the adventure spirit within yourself. A varied trekking across spectacular scenery to the base camp and, subsequently, an extended and attractive ascent waits for you.