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Kashmir – Heaven on Earth

As our plane descended towards Srinagar we are welcomed by beautiful mustard yellow fields and snow capped mountains. The feeling of purity and calmness sets in and the base is made for what will be an amazing journey.

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Experience the Magic of Gujarat with Kutch Festivals in 2017

The barren land of Kutch in Gujarat is one of the highly visited regions in Gujarat. The long stretched white sand desert may look barren, but has its own charm and magic, attracting tourists from different parts of the world. As the winter arrives, this long stretched barren land with the spectacular landscape view comes alive during the Kutch Festival every year. When the winter fog blankets the entire region, people enjoy the magical beauty by celebrating Rann Utsav. Kutch Rann Utsav is the unique and most awaited festival in Gujarat organised by the Gujarat Tourism that takes place from November to February.

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2016 Edition of Manipur Sangai Festival Concludes

The ten-day Manipur Sangai Festival which unlike the previous years could not attract much crowd concluded Wednesday with colorful cultural dances and fireworks at the Bheigyachandra Open Air Theatre (BOAT).

Manipur Sangai Festival

Chief minister, O Ibobi Singh and deputy chief minister Gaikhangam were among others who attended the concluding function of the festival held this evening.

The chief minister claimed the gala event as successful while asserting that the objective of attracting tourism was able to an expected level even as it failed to attract crowd unlike the previous editions.

sangai festival Manipur

Despite the prevailing chaotic situation arising out of demonetization and economic blockade on the national highways, over 300 foreign tourists including official delegations from Myanmar, Thailand and other countries and thousands of domestic tourists came to the state during the festival.

sangai deer dance manipur

Even as the festival failed to attract much crowd unlike the previous editions, on the last day, a good number of people thronged the festival venue to witness the last day of the festival. Unlike the other days, many had to back disappoint as they could not get the entry pass to the festival venue.

Ticket counter located at the back side of City Convention Center, Palace Gate ran out of ticket in the afternoon. They have sold around 20,000 tickets on the last day.


The Chronicles of a Family Getway!

What can be better than discovering the adventures of the world with your family, an experience unlike any other? With the mad rush of life – the work & responsibilities, one barely gets to have the carefree fun that travel offers, and so it is time that you choose to have “the trip to remember” with your loved ones…

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Agriculture Tour in India: A Gateway to the Countryside

Agro-tourism has become a fast-catching trend these days, from mountains to the deserts, plateaus to the plains, for a country like India, with diverse terrains throughout the land, spanning the ruralscape is yet another travel mania. What with the busy urban culture we tend to be a part of, Agri-tours offer an escape to the tranquil countryside, away from all the chaos & commotion to greener, healthier spaces connecting to one’s soil & roots. With the developing industry, there is a range of tours to choose from – be it Farm & Village tours, Farm holidays & living, Rural exploration, Eco-tourism or specialized theme based ones like Animal breeding, Wildlife exploration, Agro-Institute tours, Wine plantation tours, Dairy Farming among countless others.

agriculture tour india

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The “2-Wheel” Rajasthan Safari

What can be better than a safari ride to the land of royalty, probably the first tourist destination that comes to the mind when one plans a trip in the county, exploring the incredible landscape of Rajasthan on two wheels – the Bicycle, holiday cycling tours discovering the vibrant culture & magnificence – palaces, fortresses, rural scape, food, traditions, crafts, natural terrains among others, luring tourists from all part of the country & the world! Here are a few tours spanning the vast expanse of the state of Rajasthan as suited to your needs, taste & budget on a bicycle, reaching out to the nooks & corners of the land.

Cycling in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

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Safari to “The Festival of Festivals”: Hornbill Festival 2016

Also known as the Festival of Festivals, begun in the year 2000, the Hornbill fiesta celebrates & revives the warrior tribes of Nagaland, a myriad of tribal folk & cultural extravaganzas, encouraging inter-tribal relations & heritage of Nagaland & the neighbouring states. The festival spirit is enlivened by the music, the dances, the traditional ceremonial attire & elaborate set ups, the art & crafts displays etc. inspired by the widely revered Hornbill bird, in the traditional Naga culture & Folklore revolving around the agricultural traditions of the tribes, an unforgettable experience laden with folk culture, food, sports & so much more…

Hornbill Festival 2016

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Strands of Indian Culture – Textile Tour in India

Trade & commercial networks through the ages have evolved the exchange of ideas & cultures, with the Indian textile crafts bearing testimony to the rich heritage of the same.

Here is a glimpse of some of the specialised textile crafts of the country:

textile handicrafts india

“Bandhani” or “Bandhej” Tie & Dye is one of the oldest & most distinctive textile crafts of Gujarat, where assorted fabrics ranging from cotton, silk, wool, muslin among others, are illustrated with a myriad of motifs & patterns like Ambadal, Gharchola, Chandrakukdi, Kalger, Shikari etc. dyed with the vivid & innumerable hues of red, yellow, green, indigo, black, white and many more.

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Cruise Tourism might be the Next Big Thing in Incredible India

India is looking to tap the potential of its 7,500 km-long coastline and use it to boost cruise tourism in the country.

If you have always dreamt of going on a cruise vacation, it might soon come true. No, you won’t be needing to travel to other countries to experience the same. This is because India might soon become the hub of cruise tourism.

cruise vacation India

Yes, you read that right. India is looking to take advantage of its 7,500 km-long coastline and thus tap cruise tourism in a big way.

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Maharashtra Tourism Offers to Join Heritage Tourism

The heritage tourism movement is expected to get a huge fillip with Maharashtra Tourism offering to join hands with the Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA) by way of seeking their expertise.” There are 450 forts and palaces on the beaches of Maharashtra which lie untapped. I urge the IHHA to lend their support by way of restoring them, said Jaykumar Jitendrasinh Rawat, the Minister of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra.

Hotel Fateh Prakash Udaipur

He was speaking at the Annual General Meeting of IHHA today at Hotel Fateh Prakash Palace in Udaipur. The new tourism policy in Maharashtra was already in place, he further added, and that it offered a package of incentives for such restorations. Earlier, the Minister gave an elaborate presentation on new initiatives of the state.

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