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Why You Should Cater to the Solo Traveller

The Solo Traveller is slowly and steadily becoming one of the key influencers in the Adventure Travel Industry. Is your company geared towards the solo traveller? We tell you why you should.


Solo travellers have trekked, sailed, biked and bussed their way across earth for centuries, exploring and discovering.


Statistics show that about 20% of travellers take holidays on their own, for a variety of reasons. Many are not married or partnered, some prefer to travel alone, and others simply can’t find a friend who can take leave at the same time, or who wants to go to the same destination.


Solo travellers deserve better treatment than they have traditionally received. Most are happy to join group departures, while others prefer the freedom to go their own way. One of the most important considerations for solo travellers is safety. Whether it’s meeting new people in a group departure, sharing a room with a stranger to avoid the costly single supplement, or travelling alone somewhere exotic, solo travellers need to feel safe and secure.


As agents, it is our responsibility to ensure that all travellers have a safe and enjoyable holiday – especially solo travellers. Decent hotels, trustworthy drivers and guides, and empathetic office staff give confidence to prospective singleton travellers. Providing solo travellers with interesting itineraries and opportunities for meaningful interactions with locals and other travellers is good business.


Could you cater better to solo travellers?


Source: www.atoai.org