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Rajasthan Tours: Pushkar Fair, Camel Safari, Sand and Dunes

If there is the Gobi Desert and Arabian Desert in the Middle East, it’s the Thar Desert in India. Located in the north-western state of Rajasthan, the desert is famous for its sand dunes and the plethora of festivals that take place in the latter part of the year amidst sun and sand.

khimsar sand and dunes

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A Safari Ride Atop the Ship of the Desert

What can be better than exploring the vast expanse of the golden dunes of sand on the ship of the desert itself?! You got that right! The Camel Safari in Rajasthan is the ultimate ride to explore & traverse through the sands of the Thar – to discover the vibrantly & colourful culture of the land of the Rajputs on the back of the swaying Camel & feel just like royalty.

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Best Places to Visit for Rejoicing Adventure Tours in India

The adventure geography is well known and famous for their best places to visit in India; lots of travel agencies give number of sportive activities like water rafting, paragliding, bird watching, climbing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing and trekking in India. Incredible India is a place far reaching blend of vivid culture, varied climate, and enigmatic places not to leave the tempting food. Adventure tours India include a span of ecstatic festivals that offers for traveler’s memorable moments.


Camp in Nun Expedition
Rock climbing become a symbol for adventure tours India and very important adventure activity as there is no dearth of rocks. Rocky Mountains in high altitude places like Manali Valley, Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh, Mount Abu, Sariska in Rajasthan are popular for soft rock climbing. The trekkers who love high altitude places like Sonmarg, Gangotri, Garhwal and Uttaranchal are a blessing. The Himalayan ranges are a full of scenic landscapes and Indian tourism has grown due to the beauty of this place. Garhwal and Kumaon regions are very well known amongst trekkers.


Aravalli Hills Rajasthan
There are many best places to visit in India the hill station of this country provide the excellent facilities for skiing. For example gulmarg in jammu and kahmir, auli in grawhal, kufri Narkanda in himanchal Pradesh and many more other places if anyone want to enjoy the water adventure tours India then Goa is the best place where visitors can enjoy their adventure sports in Goa. Camel Safari in the Thar Desert is one of the unique experiences of adventure which visitors can take advantage of while in India. Camel safari is fun and people who know horse riding cans it enjoy more thoroughly. Visitors also enjoy and get the hang of the activity that how the animal reacts to your movements hence this activity is a small part of adventure tours India. Camel safaris are well done in places like jaisalmer, Bikaner or Jodhpur. Jeep safari and wildlife safari are most popular among the tourist.


Sikkim Tour Packages
The coastal regions of western, eastern and southern India provides excellent water based sport activities and the northern regions has some fresh water courses which are ideal for angling and fishing. All of these plans for Adventure tours India high on travel agency will take care of all visitors needs.


Hiking Kerala
Such diversity of best places to visit in India combine with the warm hospitality and different flavors of adventurous life make a tourist visit to India memorable. No wonder people in large numbers come here every year for the joy of experiencing thrill.


Tiger in Kanha National Park
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Camel Safari & Jeep Safari – Celebrate the Colours of Life, Fun and Adventure


Desert Festival in Jaisalmer

Apart from the cultural extravagance which is apparent all over, there is also an added element of fun and the rush of speed which can be experienced in safaris in the desert. Possible either on camel or in jeeps, the desert gives you enough ways to feel the magic that is contained within. Camel safaris in Rajasthan are ideal for those who want a taste of the local flavours and are in no hurry to experience them. They can be taken through the desert, and also when you need to get from one place to another.

Camel safari in rajasthan

Camel fairs are wonderful avenues for you to take quick camel rides, and also partake in camel races if you are lucky. For those who are looking for a faster way of fuelling your passion, jeep safaris are best. In large four wheel drives you can feel the dusty sands being thrown up as your jeep ploughs mercilessly through them. This is also a chance to sift through the fickle dunes and feel the heat of the desert warm your body with the heady mix of the climate and your own sense of thrill.

Jeep Safaris in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the only place where you can have an authentic camel safari in the blistering desert. There are several locations within Rajasthan where this is possible, each having its own charm and character. If you plan well, you may be able to include more than a few destinations like Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar into your circuit. The best time for a camel safari or jeep safari in India would be during the winters.

jeep safari in Ranthambore

The summers are searing and completely unsuitable, while the winters can help you enjoy every subtlety of this experience fully. The period between September and March is ideal. You must take care of yourself when on a camel safari. Even during the winters, the temperatures during the day can be rather high. The nights, on the other hand tend to get cool. Therefore, you must pack in enough light clothing and woollens as well. Ensure you have moisturiser, sunscreen, lip balm, and plenty of fluids stocked for the way. Also try and cover your neck and always keep your head covered, wither with a hat or scarf. If it is uncomfortably warm around you, you could drench your hat or scarf in water and wear it to keep you cool.