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The Ultimate Summer Camping Trips for Students Across the Country

Summer Camps are one of the most memorable & cherished times of our lives where we get to experience the world beyond the classroom & indulge in some great learning & exploration – the opportunity to live through cultures & lifestyles, try out some never-having-done-before activities, often developing bonds for a lifetime. They help create an understanding of the outside world & how it works by engaging in it, encouraging students to create their own insight to the challenges of the world we live in.

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The “2-Wheel” Rajasthan Safari

What can be better than a safari ride to the land of royalty, probably the first tourist destination that comes to the mind when one plans a trip in the county, exploring the incredible landscape of Rajasthan on two wheels – the Bicycle, holiday cycling tours discovering the vibrant culture & magnificence – palaces, fortresses, rural scape, food, traditions, crafts, natural terrains among others, luring tourists from all part of the country & the world! Here are a few tours spanning the vast expanse of the state of Rajasthan as suited to your needs, taste & budget on a bicycle, reaching out to the nooks & corners of the land.

Cycling in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

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