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Destination Ladakh: The Hemis Tsechu 2017

Set amidst the gorged hillside of Ladakh, the Hemis Festival takes place every year at the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at Hemis, one of the most awaited monastic festivals, marking the victory of good over evil with a holy masked Cham dance performed by the Lamas, in celebration of its glory, held in commemoration of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. This vibrant day-long fiesta adds all the more thrill & excitement for the travellers visiting Ladakh, a major tourist attraction, while the monastery is believed to be the biggest, richest and most powerful monastery in Ladakh.

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Hemis Festival Ladakh 2017

Ladakh, the cold and stunning region in the north of India is on the bucket list of millions of people across the planet and why not? Its picturesque landscape looks like nothing less than a postcard! However, there is something that makes the awe-inspiring region even more interesting; the Ladakhi Hemis festival.

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