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Polio Volunteering in India – NID Tour

At some time in the past, polio had been one of the widely infested diseases in the Indian subcontinent and was the cause of huge setbacks for people. The main contributing factor to all this was the lack of awareness in people in the remotest parts of the country, and lack of resources to initiate a war against diseases like Polio and epilepsy that can be cured with oral medicine shots in childhood.

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From Health to Happiness – Polio Immunization Tour in India

India’s journey of eradicating the spread of the hyper endemic polio has been a major one, its success rate having been praiseworthy with acclaimed global recognition of which Polio Immunization programmes such as the Pulse Polio, NID tours, Rotary Polio tours etc. as organized by the government & NGOs that have played a major role in the making. But it is with the support of the citizens of the country, their volunteering & constant effort that this has been made possible. The Polio immunization tour offers an insight into the endemic, its spread & patterns, causes, ways to eradication, statistics and the entire briefing of how the programme works – the large-scale pulse vaccination programme and monitoring for polio cases.

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