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Lets Trek and Explore the Unexplored – Summer Trek 2017

Himalayan trekking is one of the amazing and thrilling experiences one can ever have in the lifetime. The panoramic view of Himalayan region atop the hill is just mesmerising. India is blessed with countless options of mountains to trek. In 2017, if you’re planning to hike at some of the most challenging and breathtaking mountains in North India, then we list down the top summer trek 2017 locations to choose from:

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Trekking in India – There is No Better Place for You to Be



Markha Valley Trek


There are several places in India which are excellent for trekking in India. Needless to say, most of them are based out of the high altitude areas like the Himalayas and Karakoram ranges. The most popular and most frequented trekking destinations in India are Ladakh, Garhwal, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal. All reliable companies divide their tours by abilities and cater to beginners, novices and experts alike.


Roopkund Trek


In addition to the adventure factor treks in India also offer a solid cultural element. This means that while you’re getting your adrenalin fix, you’ll also be experiencing local life firsthand in the remote corners of India. You’ll find yourself enthralled by the friendly locals you’ll speak with, the tiny hamlets you’ll pass and the elusive monasteries that’ll make you want to stick around a little while longer. India offers a lot of high altitude treks and some of these treks require a certain amount of fitness level.


Dodital Trek


Make sure you inform your tour operator of any health restrictions and that you are comfortable with the altitude levels of your trek. It is important to remember that treks in the northern slopes go through snow capped terrain which can be quite difficult to navigate. While the winters are extremely bitter and the cold is unrelenting, the warmer months make the conditions more conducive and the climate more charitable.



Across most locations, the ideal time to undertake this expedition would be between June and October. There are several safety considerations that must be taken into account when discussing trekking in India. Apart from knowing your health conditions well and ensuring acclimatization during the trek, it is important to carry all necessary medication throughout. Lots of treks go through remote stretches so carrying adequate food is also vital.


Beas Kund Trek


Although there is no strict regulation around trekking in India, it is important to ensure that they are led by registered and recognised tour guides and leaders.


Source: www.atoai.org

Uttarakhand — A Trekking Treat for Vacationers

Spiritually dubbed as “Dev Bhoomi”, or “The Land of Gods”, Uttarakhand is a true paradise for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Curvy Himalayan slopes offer electrifying track for trekkers and campers across the globe. People from all parts of the world throng in this Northern state of India to enjoy trekking and other adventure sports. It’s mystifying treks, especially in the Garhwal region, which lies in the North West part of Himalayas, are simply majestic. Some of those mind-blowing treks are:

Chandrashila Trek: It ranks amongst one of the most demanding and enigmatic treks in the Garhwal Himalayan region. The fun of trekking here simply spruces up during the snowfall season. View of various Himalayan peaks, such as Trishul, Kedar Peak, Nandadevi, Chaukhamba, would make you feel as if you’re sitting in the mid of a sea of mountains.

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Roopkund Trek: Roopkund is a remote glacial lake nestled in the lap of Jurghati Dhar. This mysterious lake becomes centerpiece at festive times when folks from the villages bring their presiding deity to it.

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Valley of Flowers Trek: This is virtually a fairyland busting with swarms of vibrant and vivid wild Himalayan flowers. The park is popular world-over for its stretched fields of alpine flowers and alluring natural beauty. The snow-capped peaks including Nilgiri Parbat (6474 m) stand in bold relief against the skyline.

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Dodital Trek: Filled with Golden Trout, Dodital is a beautiful Himalayan lake carrying crystal clear waters. Surrounded with lush green meadows and high Himalaya views, this wonderful site is a real visual treat for nature lovers.

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Nag Tibba Trek: An intriguing trek that offers a good trekking option during winter when most of the high altitude treks become out of bound due to heavy snowfall in higher reaches of Himalayas. The trek is studded with typical Garhwali villages and beautiful temples.

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Kedarnath Trek: This trek is part of the ancient pilgrims’ trail from Gangotri to Kedarnath in the tradition of vamvrata yatra that begins from Yamunotri and ends at Badrinath , after the paying of respects at the Gangotri and Kedarnath shrines.

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