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Seeking solitude, a communion with nature? Want to feel the passing crest of fresh air laden with the fragrance of wild flowers? Then Jharkhand is a dream destination where the spirit draws colors from nature. Jharkhand tour packages are awesome experience with enchanting innocence. It is a land that is unspoiled by man or time. Jharkhand means the forest track, a state full of natural beauty where the glorious trees sway to the crest of cool breezes. Let your imagination run wild. Beneath the canopy of deep vast blue sky on one long undulating sweep of hills; punctuated by thundering waterfalls and winding rivers that garland mountains; deep valleys and basins; pristine and silent lakes. Jharkhand is a treasure trove for nature lovers, Eco tourist and wildlife enthusiasts. It is a state that dots 14 wildlife sanctuaries and two national parks. View the wild animals at their natural best at Betla National Park, one of the earliest tiger reserve. The Udhwa bird sanctuary is famous for winter migratory birds and exotic varieties.

Jharkhand is a place of ecstasy where you hear the sound of silence. Get the taste of elegant nature in the lush green forest. Tune into the gurgling waters of Tilaaiya, Hatiya, Topchachi, Maithan, Mayurakshi Dam and Getalsud. Roar back to the magnificent Dasam, Hirni, Jonha, Hundru, Lodh and Usri waterfalls. Jharkhand is a visual delight. Jharkhand is the land of Adivasi or tribal people who celebrate life in symphony with nature. Observe the tribal culture and ambience. Explore the exotic world of handicrafts, paintings and artifacts that will touch your sensitivity. It is a state of legendary past, pulsating present and a fabulous future.

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