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Lakshadweep Tours

Lakshadweep jewel of the Arabian Sea, a spectacular coral island system located 400 kms of the Malabar Coast. It is the smallest Union territory of India and is spread over 36 islands. Only 11 of these islands are inhabited and rests are safer for marine flora and fauna to thrive. The unique feature of Lakshadweep is its lagoons and coral reef. The reefs protect the islands in the sea and support rich marine life. Tourism in Lakshadweep is handled by a society for the promotion of nature tourism and sports. What you can do on the islands is only limited by imagination.

Besides swimming, kayaking, wind surfing and other water sports you will be captivated by glass bottom boats. It is like a window to another world. The beaches here provide you with the utmost privacy and couples can enjoy the picture perfect honeymoon. Lakshadweep attracts many divers from across the globe every year who marvels at the unexploited beauty of its marine life. These tours take you on a journey of the most spectacular and breathtaking destination. You will be on vacation that will touch your senses and will make you come back for more.

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