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Punjab, located in the north west of India is one of the most prosperous states of the country. Punjab is a land rich with pride, history so proud, a spirit so brave, a song so sweet and strong. The heart of Punjab is dazzling showcase of composite culture. In a way Amritsar holds the essence of Punjab in its incredible sights and sounds. The profoundly magnificent Golden Temple is the seat of Sikh religion in Amritsar. Jallianwala Bagh, silent reminder of great sacrifice. Wagah an exciting spectacle of Heritage and national pride.

Patiala is another heady taste of the majesty of Punjab. Grand forts and palaces speak of its royal past, museums and art galleries give a glimpse of its rich cultural heritage. There are treasures of crafts and souvenirs and tempting food to be found at every corner. Kapurthala is a gateway to another wonderland. There are beauty and grandeur at every turn. The royal palace and architecture have earned it a name Paris of Punjab. Its religious shrines are the living testament of the great secular history and its wetlands are lush with natural splendor.

At Anandpur Sahib in Ropar lives the legacy of the formal initiation of the Khalsa in the year 1699. Guru Gobind Singh baptized the first five Sikhs called the Panch Piare, the five beloved ones. Every year on the day following Holi the Hola Mohalla festival is celebrated here. On this day, Anandpur Sahib relives the moment when the martial splendor of the Khalsa merged with spiritual heroism of their great Gurus. Punjab is very popular for its rich food, especially for Kulcha, chicken tandoori and Lassi. Dance on the beats of Bhangra, a folk dance of Punjab region. Come and rediscover Punjab with Punjab tour packages.

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