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Tripura Tours

Tripura is a state in the northeast frontier of the Indian subcontinent. Set amidst the vast expanse of tranquil beauty, Agartala is an ideal place for you to explore ancient palaces and temples of Tripura. The warm humidity of the valley in which Agartala sits, gives the traveler the expression of a town set in a lush botanical garden, heavily foliage trees, and masses of shrubs. The state is blessed with a number of natural and excavated lakes. The vast expanse of Rudra Sagar Lake is ornamented with Neer Mahal Palace. The palace looks like a fantasy castle floating on water and is one of the top attractions of the state. The charming beauty of Dambu Lake and its 48 islands holds great appeal for nature lovers.

Popularly known as the permanent seat of the eternal spring, Jampui is the highest hill range in the state. Natural beauty, pleasant weather, orchards and orange gardens make Jampui an ideal destination for the tourist. You will be amazed with the heavenly sight of sunrise which is a spectacular feast for the eyes. Unakoti is the biggest past relief of India. Pilak is the site of civilization flourished during the 8th and 12th century. Jagannath temple is famous for its religious importance but also for its architecture. Tripura has a fascinating variety of flora and fauna. The beautiful Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary is a premier destination for wildlife lovers in the state. In this unique forest sanctuary animal can be spotted in their natural habitat. Tripura is a perfect destination for holidays.

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