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West Bengal Tours

For every traveler Bengal experience starts with Kolkata, the colonial capital of India on the banks of the Ganga. Kolkata is a modern metropolis that refuses to forsake its past. The fusion of old and new, the enigmatic co-existence of traditional and futuristic typifies the city and they must see for all visitors is the new look water front. The tour to Kolkata must include visits to palaces, mansions and temples which adorn the city scale. The 1921 Victorian Memorial is elegant and imposing; 1814 town hall, the 1780 writer’s building; and the residence of Tagore’s are some of the important landmarks of the city. The temple of Goddess Kali at Kali Ghat is the important landmark of the city. However Kolkata remains incomplete without its people and their festivals.

West Bengal tour packages take you around the traditional homes and intricately decorated Puja pandals. On the left bank of Ganga lies Mushibad was the seat of the last Nawabs of Bengal and the pre-colonial capital of the region. It was a town immersed in the past, full of old palaces, mosques, and mansions all of these are worth visiting. Across the Ganga are the early medieval monuments near the Malda town and all these monuments bear architectural richness of medieval Bengal. For a better and richer exposure to the Terracotta Art, make a day tour of the medieval town of Bishnupur.

In another part of Bengal, 136 kms from Kolkata awaits a heritage experience of a different kind all together, Shantiniketan, literally a home of peace. Poet Rabindranath Tagore himself created this international place for learning to promote universal brotherhood and peace. Take a beautiful cruise to Sundarbans where the Ganga and its innumerable branches flow into the Bay of Bengal forming largest estuary mangrove forest. Sundarbans has now been declared a World Heritage Site. For cherishing the beauty of nature and colonial architecture Doers and Darjeeling are the perfect holiday destination in Bengal.

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