Paradise for Mountaineers: Mount Nun Expedition

As a mountaineer, you might have explored many routes and climbed up different peaks so far. Even if you are a beginner, your passion is enough to speak for your love for mountains. Mountaineering is not meant for everyone. This idiosyncratic adventure is only for those brave-hearts who yearn to unfold the hidden secrets and listen to the untold stories of these mountain pinnacles. Hands down, all the routes and landscapes offer an unparallel pleasure to a true climber, but out of hundreds of magnificent peaks, Mount Nun is just like the heaven on the face of the earth.

Towards Base Camp - Mount Nun Expedition

Discovery of the magnificent mountain Nun dates back to the late 1890s, and the peak was first conquered in the year 1953 through the west ridge after many unsuccessful attempts previously.

This blog talks about the Mount Nun Expedition and aims at giving an insight to those who are planning to conquer Mount Nun this year.

Climbing the icefall - Nun Expedition

24-Day Mount Nun Expedition

Almost 73 percent of the great Himalaya which lies within the Indian boundaries is surrounded by spell bounding mountain peaks. Mount Nun standing at the height of 7135 meters is one of the most astonishing and pretentious peaks in Jammu & Kashmir. Mount Nun is the highest pinnacle of the Zanskar range, a part of the great Himalayas, and is a piece of the twin mountain the Nun-Kun. The twin mountains Nun-Kun are separated by a snowy plateau that extends up to 4 kms.  Mount Nun-Kun sits in the lap of Suru Valley, which is also known for a number of breathtaking peaks.

Pasang and Nima approaching camp 1 - Nun Expedition

You are going to have an amazing 24 days of your life and here is what you will do in these days.

  • Expedition marks its beginning from Delhi which serves as the assembly point for all the mountaineers of the slot. At Delhi, you will have to appear at the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for getting clearance and briefing with the Liaison Officer. From Delhi, you can fly to Leh.
  • Upon reaching Leh, you can visit the famous Buddhist monasteries Hemis, Shey and Thiksey as a part of your excursion as any trip to Leh is incomplete without a visit to these three monasteries. Shey is located 15 kms south of Leh on the Eastern bank of the river Indus, which is a beautiful place that used to be a royal palace until the 16th It seats a 17.5m high blue haired copper sculpture of Lord Buddha that is covered with a thin sheet of brass and is embellished with precious gemstones.

The lower part of the climb to camp 1 - Nun Expedition

  • Further 10kms from Shey is another Buddhist monastery named Thiksey which is one of the most important monasteries from the 15th The 12-storied deep red monastery belongs to Elugpa, and it houses a 15m high sculpture of Lord Buddha right at the entrance. The architecture of this monastery is quite similar to that of Potala palace in Lhasa.
  • The biggest monastery Hemis is located 43 kms South of Leh which is the most important one in Ladakh. The monastery is believed to exist even before the 11th century and was re-established in the year 1672 by the king of Ladakh, Senge Namgyal. The monastery, being the wealthiest, houses gold sculptures and stupas embellished with precious stones and exquisite Thangkas.

Climbing Mt. Nun

  • After visiting these monasteries, you can stroll in the nearby markets to discover the specialities of the locale.You will experience a new energy to start your mountaineering trek. From Leh, drive-off 230kms to reach Kargil. From Kargil drive of another 5 hours will take you to Tangol, which is approximately 900 m away from the base camp. Upon reaching Tangol you will have to climb a mass of rocks to reach the base camp at the height of 4600 m. The trek will take approximately 7 hours and the night stay in the tents at the base camp will be a unique
  • The day comes when you begin your attempt to Mount Nun from the base camp which is 2535 m away from the base camp. After successfully attempting Mount Nun, you can return back to the base camp.

Camp 1 (5500 m) - Nun Expedition

  • It will take you around 11 days starting from your trek to Mount Nun and return back to the base camp. From the base camp, you can trek down to Tangol.
  • From Tangol you can drive back to Kargil and further drive to Srinagar to take flight for Delhi. At Delhi, you will have to report IMF for de-briefing.

Mount Nun is truly nature’s paradise that will make you long for those heavenly views and experiences that will make you physically fit and mentally relaxed. Even though, the heavenly mountaineering expedition to Mount Nun comes to an end after 24 days, but the memories from these 24 days are going to stay in your heart forever!

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