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At some time in the past, polio had been one of the widely infested diseases in the Indian subcontinent and was the cause of huge setbacks for people. The main contributing factor to all this was the lack of awareness in people in the remotest parts of the country, and lack of resources to initiate a war against diseases like Polio and epilepsy that can be cured with oral medicine shots in childhood.

NID tour team during polio awareness rally

All this prompted the Indian government to join hands with international organisations and even form national bodies to look after the raging issue of polio related deaths. A campaign too, was started for this. It was called ‘Do boond zindagi ke’ (Two life-saving drops) and the megastar of Bollywood, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was made the ambassador of the campaign for the receptivity among people to be increased.
Cut to some decades later- we are now on the verge of being a polio-free country.

Polio Immunization Tour Team at a Official Event

All this has been attributed to the success of the campaign and the volunteering work done to increase awareness among people.

Eradicating Polio – One City at a Time
If you are someone who has been keenly interested in doing something for the good of humanity; especially for those suffering in the developing countries, this might be just the chance for you.

NID Tour members giving polio drops

There run a lot of polio volunteering campaigns in India, that are dedicated to recruit people willing to devote some time for the betterment of other people. Most of these are not-for-profit and run only for humanitarian causes; including spreading awareness about polio in all the parts of the country, giving children the required vaccination shots and ensuring that no child in the vicinity remains unvaccinated.
So, these troops travel to parts where the real India resides- the India which is sharply in contrast with the urban India.

Polio Immunization Tour Team at a Official Event

A Rollercoaster Travel Ride
Agencies like Rotary International, WHO and UNICEF function to do just this.
So, you can become a volunteer with the UNICEF, WHO or Rotary International and go for tours to villages of India to do the work. This will include opening the horizons of people to the wonders of medicine and making people aware how a single vaccination can make or break your future life.

Rotary NID team welcome by school children

Once you enrol with these organisations, get set to start a rollercoaster ride as this will be a new founded experience like no other where social work and leisure will come together in an interesting way.

Sometimes you will get to travel to really exotic locations in India and you’ll not be able to believe your fortune; and sometimes you’ll have to travel to some of the most backward places. But you can’t let it be a setback for you as each day will hold a new adventure.

rotary tour guests with children

Social Work by Travelling
In partnership with National Immunization Day (NID), tours are conducted for polio volunteering in India. With this, you will get to travel a lot.

No matter where you get to go, there is a silver lining to all the places you will visit; and the people at all the places you visit will be so heart-warming that you’ll learn something or the other from each of them.
On these NID tours, you will make the best use of your societal knowledge to make some good come out of it and have a great time as well.

NID tour team

You can use all the leisure time you have or take an off and explore the place.
This way, you will get to see and explore a lot of places without burning a hole in your pocket and you would have even done your bit for the society!

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