Luxury Trains Travel in India

India is known to be the land where all dreams can come true- a place where whatever you wish for, can come true. And if you have the pocket for it, India has the ability to spoil you to the extremity. If you are someone who admires luxury and the comfort that come along with it, India is the pace to do it. Not only do you get luxury here, you get ‘royal luxury’.

maharajas express train welcomes at station

The land where some of the finest Kings lived has a penchant for surprising people with grandeur and opulence.

If you are someone who has a fortune to spend; spending it visiting the palatial palaces and beauty of India is the way to go. Here, each demand of your would have been resolved even before you wave a hand. Much to the chagrin of a lot of people, India will leave you mesmerised with its impeccable hospitality, rich food and unfounded luxury.

Maharajas Express Royal Lounge

Grandeur on the Railway Track
The best way to discover India in all its glory is by the train.
Trains- laid down by the Brits during the Imperial Empire in India prevailed has been the lifeline of the country for years and now, it has expanded its wings to cater to the richest of the rich and travellers from across the globe. Planned for the elitist of the elite, the luxury train travel in India is an amalgamation of the rich food, grand coaches, and a grandiose aura to almost everything. These trains will take you to some of the most preferred cities of India with élan.

Some of the luxury trains running in India have been explained about below.

Maharajas Express Luxury Train

The Maharaja Express
The Maharaja Express is touted as the best luxury train in India that provides unmatched comfort and luxury at the same time. It covers great cities like Ranthambore, New Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Lucknow, Gwalior, et all. It also makes frequent trips to Agra for the foreign diaspora to be able to visit the seventh wonder of the world- the Taj Mahal.

It is operated by the government’s IRCTC in a joint venture with Cox Kings India Ltd.

The train is known to have two restaurants that can dish out world-class cuisine including authentic Indian food.

luxury bar onboard Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels
This particular luxury train came into existence much before the Maharaja Express came in- in 2009 in a bid to expand tourism (especially to attract foreigners) in the state of Rajasthan. Although, it covers cities across the subcontinent. Palace on Wheels has been the parent concept for all other luxury trains in India and it suffices to say that Palace on Wheels is the mother of all luxury trains.

Since the concept of Palace on Wheels originated in Rajasthan, the interiors and cuisine of the train is inspired from Rajasthan too.

Royal Rajastahn on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is also based on the same concept as Palace on Wheels; the only difference being that Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is dedicated to taking travellers around the gems of Rajasthan only; with Taj Mahal as an addition for obvious reasons.

The train has 8-day tours where it covers the historic cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur among others.

Restaurant onboard Golden Chariot

Golden Chariot
Aptly named Chariot, after being inspired from the Chariot-sculptured temples of South India, the Golden Chariot will take you on an adventurous journey across the Southern part of the Indian Subcontinent.

Also an 8-day tour, the Golden Chariot will take you Mahabalipuram, Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore (for its temples), Goa (for its hippy culture), Alleppy (for the backwaters) and Pondicherry (for its beautiful untouched beaches).
The Golden Chariot boats of authentic South Indian food being served and a fully-functional gym on its premises too.

Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train

The Deccan Odyssey
As the name suggests, the Deccan Odyssey makes trips along the Deccan Plateau of India which spans over the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and a part of Rajasthan including the national capital of New Delhi too.

With cities like Mumbai, Vadodara, Hampi, Ellora & Ajanta caves, Aurangabad, Nashik and Bijapur among a range of others, the Deccan Odyssey will blow your mind with the opulence on board.

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