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Chhattisgarh Tours

Chhattisgarh is a 5 year old land with a 20,000 year old legacy. It is a lost land protected by magic. The state is home to forests, animals and horseshoe cascades. The uncharted roads promise a great adventure with ancient and known treasures. Tribes are the best kept secrets of Chhattisgarh. Bastar is home to the oldest and the most talented tribal community. They are extremely talented craftsman. The state is even home to the country’s largest waterfalls, forests are almost as dense as Amazon with exotic and endangered wildlife and you will not find a soul for miles. Chitrakoot falls with a height of 100 feet is popularly known as the Naigra falls of India. Rafting, fishing and boating and a nice little restaurant, sit in the cool tranquil with nothing for miles, but just the sound of falling water and the rising mist.

The triple falls of Tirathgarh are fascinating to observe. There are many palaces in the state that are still unexplored. The Kanker palace is home to the royal family. Kutumsar and Kailash caves are the oldest and darkest living caves of the country. Right at the end of the Shivling is made out of deposits of stones and is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Sahegaon is a place with ancient rock paintings. The mark of the civilization is so ancient yet so evolved. There are voices of man of thousands of years ago, which are recorded in stone for generations to come.

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