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Madhya Pradesh Tours

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of Spiritual India. The spiritual journey in the state in commenced from Amarkantak, the very source of the divine Virgin River seeks the blessing of Narmada Mata. Standing on the Ram Ghat on the banks of the holy river Mandakni you begin to feel the spiritual significance of the ancient town of Chitrakoot. Resonating with holy chants and filled with the fragrance of incense Ram Ghat comes alive with thousands of devotees congregating for the evening Maha Aarti. Orchha is the historic city of magnificent temples and palaces. The serenity encompasses you; the silence enchants you behold the magic of Sanchi, one of the oldest Buddhists shrines in the world.

The monuments here transport you to an era which are long gone by yet frozen in time. Lose yourself in the tranquility of Sanchi and you will find your inner self. Bhopal, the city of lakes and Nawab begums is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city is a rare fusion of rich heritage and modern planning. The city is home to one of the largest mosque in Asia, Taj-UL-Masajid built by Sultan Shah Jahan, the begum of Bhopal.

At the confluence of river Mandakni and Kaveri on the island of Mandhakpuri is Omkareshwar, home to one of the twelve jyotilinga’s of Lord Shiva. The lord is worshiped as the supreme creator in the Omkareshwar temple. On the other banks of Narmada is the sacred town of Maheshwar dedicated to Lord Shiva. If ever magnitude of devotion could be represented in physical form it has to be through this incredible 84 foot tall statue of the Adhankar Adinath in Bawangaja. It is a prominent Jain pilgrimage center. The abode of Gods beckons you, the confluence of several faiths summons you, come pass in the spiritual glory of Madhya Pradesh tour packages.

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