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Mizoram Tours

At the southern tip of the South east India, Mizoram is a picturesque hill state inhabited by the Mizos. It is a land of exotic beauty with lofty peaks and hills are transformed into islands of snow white mist. Aizawl, the capital city is the perfect holiday destination for people who are looking for a fresh environment and ideal nature. You can go out for excursions to nearby villages from the city to experience the typical rural lifestyle of Mizos. Stroll up to or ride on a back of horses to the peaks to observe the spectacular view of nature. The Hmuifang tourist resort is an ideal getaway located at the scenic peak of Hmuifang mountain. Jamdel is beautiful natural lakes with interesting folklores are an ideal weekend getaway. The highest waterfall in Mizoram cascading to a height of 750 feet, Vantawng Falls is a spectacular waterfall surrounded by steep hillsides with lush tropical forest is worth a visit. Mizoram is an ideal place for adventure lovers as it offers adventure seekers a lot to explore. The state has a rich heritage of Handloom and handicraft.

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