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Tamil Nadu Tours

Tamil Nadu tours take you through glory of this fascinating state. Glare the monolithic marvels of Mamallapuram. Cruise the backwater of Pichavaram and cusp of Bay of Bengal. In the heart of the once mighty Chola Empire lays the Gangaikonda Cholapuram. Teem with the legend of Dharasuram. Re-encounter with the glorious past at Tanjore Temple. Frolic in the playground of rich and famous Kanadukatham. Meenakshi Temple in Madurai is home to 33,000 exquisite sculptures. Grandeur of the Madurai Palace is beyond compare. In Rameshwaram legends whispers the story of Lord Rama. Speculate the Abode of Lord Shiva, the dancing God at Chindambaram.

Enchant the beauty of hills at Ooty. Explore the lushness at Valparai. View the beauty of Hogenakkal which is acknowledged as the Niagara of India. Observe the surging confluence of three oceans at Kanyakumari. Madurai Jallikattu is a nerve jangling spectacle. Rest in the loving lap of nature. Fabrics are brought to life with manual dexterity in Kanchipuram. Experience yourself the enchanting holidays in Tamil Nadu.

List of Tamil Nadu Tours

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