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Indian Himalayas offer wonderful opportunities for trekking and hiking. In the region of Ladakh, a trek to Markha Valley or a trek from Darcha to Padum in Zanskar are very accelerating and exciting. In central Himalayas, there is a good opportunity for an easy trek to Bias Kind or other interesting options such as a trek to Hamta Pass in Manali region, trek to Baba Pass in Spiti region, or Pin Valley trek in Parvati region. Moving to Garhwal, there are many exciting opportunities for trekking, e.g. Trek to Source of Ganges, or to Kalindi Kal or a beautiful trek to enjoy a wonderful view of flowers in the Valley of Flowers trek. In the north-east region of Himalayas, Sikkim offers many wonderful opportunities for trekking. A beautiful trek takes you to Gochala from Dzongri or a trek to Green Lake and many more. In South India, Sahyadri ranges offers great trekking opportunities especially in the Coorg region. Shikhar’s experiences and dedicated team will provide you a great experience for trekking in the Indian Himalayas !

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