Get High with the Thrilling Mountain Expeditions in 2017

Every one of us likes to go on an adventure which is not just exciting, but also soul-stirring and mind numbing. These experiences may be bold, unique and worth experiencing. Mountain climbing is an adventure sport which involves climbing some of the highest mountain peaks. It is a very tough and fun-filled sport that needs strength, metabolism and hardcore determination.

Check out some of the thrilling Mountain Expeditions which you can undertake in 2017 –

climbing mount nun

• Nun Expedition and Kun Expedition – Both the Nun and Kun mountains are a pair of Himalayan twin peaks. While Mt. Nun has a height of about 7135 m (23,409 feet) on the other hand its neighbour Mt. Kun has the height of 7077 m (23,218 feet). Mt. Nun and Mt. Kun mountains are located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the Ladakh region of India, and lie in the remote locations of the Zanskar ranges. Mt. Nun is the highest mountain in this region. The best climbing period of these two mountains lies between the months of June-August when the rest of the Himalayan Mountains are mostly inaccessible due to the heavy monsoon. During this expedition, you will also be able to visit the Buddhist monasteries of the region that hold the ancient wisdom of the sages. You will also be able to explore the breathtakingly rich Indus River Valley and Himalayan peaks.

Stok Kangri Summit Point

• Stok Kangri Expedition – It is one of the most wonderful places on earth. The Stok Kangri Mountain lies in the most scenic regions of Ladakh. Stok Kangri is one peak which has been able to gain tremendous popularity in the recent years. It is a trekking peak, and you will be embraced by deserted surroundings during your climb the mountain. It will give you the opportunity to experience complete peace and tranquillity during the climb. During the winter season, the whole landscape looks surreal. This peak will provide you with a view of the entire Zanskar range and the Indus Valley.

Friendship Expedition

• Friendship Peak Expedition – Friendship Peak is one of the most majestic mountains of the Himalayan Mountain Range and is located in the Pir Panjal range, in District of Kullu of the Himachal Pradesh state. This mountain is almost always covered with snow and has an altitude of 5,283m above sea level. Friendship Peak is a trekking peak. One of the best and scenic routes to reach this peak is by travelling through the areas of Dhundi and Beas Kund. May to June and also September to October are the ideal months to climb this famous peak. The expedition starts from Manali and then proceeds to Solang, Bakarthach with the final abode at the splendid Friendship Peak.

kamet peak expedition

• Kamet Expedition – At about 7756m high Mount Kamet is one of the grandest peaks. Mount Kamet is a very challenging yet at the same time one of the safest of the high altitude climbs for those who have had previously experienced 7000m+ peaks. It is a well-rounded Himalayan experience for advanced mountaineers and has all the aids which will give you one of the richest experiences of mountain climbing.

satopanth peak

• Satopanth Expedition – Satopanth is one of the highest mountains in the Gangotri region in the state of Uttarakhand. It helps you to make a transition from trekking peaks to climbing mountains while providing an experience of 7,000m+ high altitude alpine region. The complicated route has a glacier approach, difficult snow slopes and also knife edge ridge, which all comes before the final section of the mountains making this one of the most challenging climbs ever.

kalindi khal trekking expedition

• Kalindi Khal Trek – Nestled in the lap of Himalayan Mountain range, Kalindi Khal is a splendid climb. You can feel a surge of adrenaline when you climb right up to a Himalayan pass which is 6000m high. This climb involves camping beside the scenic Vasuki Tal, to the breathtaking beauty of the alpine forests and glaciers. The Kalindi Khal Trek is often considered as an expedition due to its technicality.

kedar dome base camp
• Kedar Dome Expedition – It is a 6831m high mountain peak. It is near the Kirti Bamak Glacier located in the western regions of the Himalayan Mountains. Kedar Dome lies about 2km north-west of Kedarnath. The route towards Kedar Dome is a standard route from its north-west flank. It is very straightforward and low-angled climb. It is also a very popular ski station during the spring season and people from around the globe visit to enjoy the climb and ski down.

To get a thrilling experience sign up for some of the exciting Mountain Expedition in 2017 and create memories that you will cherish throughout your life.

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